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1Lt. Anthony Meeks - What Goes In, Must Come Out

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Who says you can't sim an unconscious character?


((Starbase 118 – Sickbay))


Things had gotten really intense, and with the alcohol on board, Tony could go either way. If there was anything a Marine didn’t do, it was back down from a fight. In fact, there were few things a Marine would rather do that participate in a close order knuckle drill. Throw a little of the liquid courage on top of the already adrenaline and testosterone induced thrill seeking ego, and it was likely to be on. All Nalni was doing was making it easy for Tony to enjoy the evening. Then the room spun, and the floor came very quickly to meet him. He barely felt the deck as he hit it, and then the peaceful wave came to him. The alcohol doing exactly what it was supposed to do.


Nalni: A Delta-wave inducer, eh? One last chance, Tony. ::pulls his arm:: Like I said, cut the [...] out. Going to give up or what? 


What happened next was really strange. Instead of trying to figure out how to operate the tool, Tony’s breathing fell shallow and rhythmic, and he slept letting out a few snores for good measure. Nalni’s emotions were all over the place which included confusion, turmoil, and regret as she scattered off the man and scooted herself across the floor. 


McLaren: Nalni... give me the hypospray. Now.


Nalni glanced up with a worried expression written on her features and nodded. She didn’t even notice the security officers come inside as  McLaren took the hypo and set it down on one of the trays near the bio beds.  Trusting the commander to handle Nalni, she stepped forward to quickly and quietly brief the officers on what had just occurred.  


They nodded, then they took up positions, each one covering an end of the biobed, ready to react should Nalni try anything else. The Barzan officer pushed herself off and looked from one side of the room to the other, then towards Solaris.  


McLaren: No... sit down on that biobed... and do not move. Or I will have security escort you to the brig.


With a guard watching over the rather perplexed Barzan, Kherys turned her focus to Tony who snored lightly, prone on the floor.  Grabbing a tricorder, she ran a quick scan over him.  


Nalni: I didn’t even activate the hypospray? ::sits down on the biobed:: You can even see for yourselves. ::scratches her head:: 


Meeks: ZZZzzzzzzz…. ZZZZzzzzzz


The commander signaled for a couple of larger, stronger nurses to come and assist.  The two crouched down and attempted to move the marine, then agreed to go get others to assist.  Kherys allowed them to do their job and stepped back.  


McLaren: He going to be ok?


Harper: Yes.  He’s just asleep - nothing she did had anything to do with that.  His limbic system output is off the charts, though.  And this is definitely not Tony. He’s never been so….so forceful.  Ever.  He’s literally a giant teddy bear.  


Nalni: And I’m usually more constrained with my emotions. I don’t know what came over me. 


Meeks: ZZZZzzzzzzz… ZzzzzzzZZzzz. 


McLaren: Now... where were we before all that unpleasantness? 


Harper: As I was saying ::before they got interrupted and Kherys had only managed to tell the commander part of what she’d discovered.::, something is causing their hormones to spike.  Honestly, it’s not even just their hormones, it’s their entire limbic system, and their automatic nervous system.  Both play roles in controlling emotions, particularly romantic emotions...and fight and flight responses.  


Kherys turned back to the two consoles, Nalni’s and Tony’s information both still lit up on the screen.  Pointing, she circled the areas as she spoke about them. 


Harper: These scans were taken at their last physicals.  This and this…::She pointed to the left side of each screen.:: are parts of their brain that work with these two systems.  Over here…::  She pointed first to Tony’s recent scan, then Nalni’s.::  Show that these parts are actually overactive.  Right now, it’s like they’re...on fire!  They can’t help but feel emotions, and what emotions they feel, well that’s determined by whatever’s affecting them and how their body is processing...this....  


The Barzan sat up with her knees up to her chest, her arms wrapped around them. She shivered at the thought as Kherys described what was going on. 


Nalni: I would really like to stop feeling this way...


Meeks: ZZZzzZzzz… ZZZZZzzzzz…


McLaren: Right... if you need scans of unaffected people... you can start with me. Then, I can go sift through some assuredly boring surveillance files…


Kherys nodded, glancing over to where the six nurses had finally managed to gently get the marine on a bio bed.  She moved away from him and Nalni and over to a different one.  Motioning for McLaren to sit, she proceeded to run scans over her.  That done, she turned to look them over.  


Harper: Yes.  See, yours...all normal.  Nothing out of the ordinary. I have what I need, ma’am, if you want to go check the surveillance.


Meeks: ZzZZzzzzz… ZZZZZzzzzz…


McLaren: While I do that... maybe you and the Lieutenant... :: She cast an icy glare at Nalni, implying that it wasn't really a suggestion. :: can go gather samples of food or drink…


Harper: Honestly, Commander, I would prefer to keep Lieutenant Nalni under confinement.  I don’t trust her ability to remain level headed at this time.  She’s affected too.  


Normally, well not so normally right now, but in the heat of the moment, Nalni would’ve argued with the cadet. After hearing what was described a few moments ago, she was too scared about what she might do if she were to go anywhere, but sickbay. 


Nalni: She’s right, Commander. I’m too afraid of what or who I might harm if I go anywhere else. ::worries her lip:: I don’t want anyone else to go through what Tony just endured...


McLaren: ?


Meeks: SNORT! …ZZZzzzzz…zzzZZZzzzz


Harper: Pardon commander...I think we may have what we need right here.  


Without another word, Kherys turned and hurried after the most recent visitor. 


McLaren: ?


Meeks: ::Mumbling:: Mhmnm… ZZZzzzzzzz.


Nalni: Given that I’m more aware of my actions, yet can’t seem to stop them, why would he be more different than whatever I’m going through?


She glanced over at wherever Kherys was going and then back to Solaris. The imposing security officers didn’t look too friendly and Nalni knew why. It was because of her own actions and her dangerous side that Nalni didn’t know she had. 


McLaren/Harper: ?


Meeks: ZZzzzzzzzzz… Zzzzzzzzz…


Nalni: It was, like, as if a not so fond memory of what happened to me a few years ago just suddenly let me loose. 


McLaren /Harper: ?


Meeks: ZZZZzzzzzzzzz…


Nalni: I thought I had dealt with it, but apparently my mind thought otherwise. It’s no excuse for my behavior though. For what it’s worth… ::glances down at her knees wrapped in her arms:: I’m sorry.


McLaren/Harper: ?


Meeks: ZZZZzzzzzz… ZZzzz… ::Rustling:: Huh?


Tony sat up on the bed, looking around. A wave of intense pain struck him right between the eyes. It felt like someone had stuck a hot fire poker through his temple. Not only that, but his mouth tasted like… well… it didn’t taste good.


Meeks: ::Rubbing his head, still slurring his speech:: What the hell happened? How’d I get up here?


McLaren/Harper/Nalni: ?


Meeks: Nah. The last thing I remember was getting socked in the head, then nada.


McLaren/Harper/Nalni: ?


Meeks: Can somebody hand me that trash can?


McLaren/Harper/Nalni: ?





1Lt. Anthony Meeks

Company Commander

1/292nd TMR D Co.

Starbase 118 Ops/USS Narendra



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