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TlhIroghnI' - Intruder alert! Ramming speed!

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@Artinus Serinus, this is simply adorable. I've never wanted to cuddle a spiky mini-pig so badly in all my life. 

((Serinus Quarters, Deck 3, USS Arrow))
It had been 6 or was it 7, sleeps since the noises, the horrendous squalling of which, made her conclude that they were residing in a living being, perhaps one much like herself. A seemingly infinite Targ. TlhIroghnI' lie groggily in her sleep box in all it's fuzzy, warm and comfy, red boxed striped glory. 
It was early morning, and her two leg was out to the place that made him smelly and wet. But she knew that he'd be back soon to clean up in the magic box, and take her for her walkie in her chest straps, or as he called it a har'nis. He wasn't like the two legs she knew before, the ones who lived with her mom, for starters, he didn't have the head bumps. Or talk nearly as loudly.
There were voices just outside the opening wall that her two leg used to come and go with. Neither of them was her two leg, or any other she knew, or had met. She gave out a warning snort and squeal, lest they dare think to enter the home of her and her two leg.
TlhIroghnI': Orrnk, sqeeeee!
They continued walking and soon their voices were quite distant. She was awfully proud of herself for diverting the potential encroachment of her territory. They hadn't ran, like everyone had when the giant Targ they lived in had been so distressed. But maybe some day, she could inspire such dread!
She never found out what made their home so angry. Was there another giant Targ trying to come on it's territory? Was their living there causing it pain? She hoped not, but it didn't seem to bother it usually. Maybe one of the two legs did something to hurt it, on accident. Not her two leg, he was very careful as well as affectionate. She had no doubt that he was as caring towards their host as he was with her.
((Timeskip: Halfway to the next sleep.))
Her two leg was gone to the place that took up most of his time, and she heard two other unfamiliar two legs talking. With all of her might, she sounded out her warning again.
TlhIroghnI': Orrnk, sqeeeee!
The voices continued just outside of the opening wall, seemingly unperturbed by her admonishment. She didn't understand them, but the familiar word "Targ" caught her ear. Were the talking about her? Or the big one?
Ops Crewman 1: Nonsense Geral, I heard she's tiny. Barely weaned from the stories.
Crewman Geral: Doesn't matter, she'll still try to defend her home, like any Targ would.
Then it happened. The two legs entered her domain carrying things in their hands. She gave another warning, with increased urgency. Stay out, two legs. My two leg and I claim this place!
TlhIroghnI': Orrnk, sqeeeee! Ornnk, ornnk, squeeeeeee!
These intruders, these interlopers, began to move her two legs' possessions. What nerve! They were obviously hostile and she charged the nearest one for such a blatant escalation. They finished whatever nefarious task they had begun with little regard to her, as she made warning pass, after warning pass. They spoke again, in their two leg language, different than the one she had been raised around, the one her own two leg spoke usually, though she knew he spoke the other as well, as he had done so with the younger two leg that gave her to him.
Crewman Geral: We should try to contain her, lest she spike one of us.
Ops Crewman 1: Yeah, I guess so.
The ruffians began to chase her, and she evaded them effortlessly, for several minutes, wearing them down with feints, and quick reflexes. But then, they had cornered her. She had no hope of winning, and escape seemed as impossible as a successful defense. There was only one option left. She ran and leapt into the deep disk that held the dirt, and cowardly burrowed to hide, shaming herself as she waited for the intruders to leave.
Time seemed to creep along, immeasurably slowly, as they did who knows what to her living space. When they had finally left, she cautiously began to emerge. 
She found to her horror that so many things seemed to be moved. Most notably, they had moved her two legs' flat sleeping box, and replaced with a skinnier version, with a second sleeping box held above the first, suspended by some metal poles. How would she ever live with her disgrace.
She only hoped that her two leg could forgive her.
TlhIroghnI', pet Targ of Artinus Serinus.
As simmed by:
Lieutenant Artinus Serinus
Chief Security Officer
USS Arrow,  NCC-69829
Publicity Team/Social Media Team
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