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Ensign Ikaia Wong - Pranking Rahman (A Tale in a few Verses)


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A crazy little idea made me start a light JP with @Ikaia Wong that has unleashed in this sample of talent and hilarity, and I can't help but appreciate the amount of skill and comedy that ravages every single line of it. I hope your CO won't catch you or, if does, at least have a good laugh at the expense of this before grounds you FOREVER XD.


((Briefing Room - USS Veritas))


In the Briefing Room, not a creature was heard;


Except for the sound of a Klingon nerd.

From the vents he fell with such a clatter;

He was lucky none came to see what’s the matter.


A prank for Captain Rahman he was to make;


A plan so fiendish for JOPA’s sake.

He walked over to the replicator with plenty of care;

To see if he can make plush Tribbles inside of there.


With a blank replicator card, he toiled and troubled;


With a flashlight in mouth, his problems have doubled.

Hacking a replicator was not always easy

His plans were not going to be nearly so breezy.


He tinkered 


                  and toiled 

                                 He cajoled 

                                                  and spoiled.


He ruminated, tinkered and debated.


And soon his problems were abated. 


Eventually, the replicator’s secrets were at hand


Everything seemed to be going exactly as planned!

Unfortunately, there was a sound at the door.

Ikaia froze and not another movement more.


The doors opened with a familiar woosh,


He saw a figure enter with a swoosh.

“It’s not what it looks like!” Ikaia protested.

At the moment it looked like he had been bested.


Who was he kidding?


With replicator picking?


The problem with “It’s not what it looks like”


Is that it is EXACTLY what it looks like!




Wong: It’s not what it looks like! ::He’s hunched over a replicator trying to hack it::




Anyone: Response


Wong: Ah! Please don’t report me! This is important!



Anyone: Response.



Wong: I can’t exactly tell you that.






Ensign Ikaia Wong


Physician Assistant

USS Veritas


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