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Sal Taybrim promoted to Commodore

StarBase 118 Staff

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Earlier this year, new formal rules in Bylaw 2 were ratified by the EC that govern when and how the rank and title of Commodore is to be awarded. Commodore is now an exclusive rank and title that captains and fleet captains can earn in UFOP: StarBase 118 once they have served as commanding officer of a vessel for five years (whether continuously during one tenure or cumulatively over multiple commands). Having completed their own “five-year mission” aboard their ships, these COs are recognized by our community as among our finest leaders in the fleet.

The Executive Council is pleased to announce the promotion of Fleet Captain Sal Taybrim to the rank and title of Commodore.

After first earning the rank of Commander on October 29, 2015, Commodore Taybrim took command of our fleet’s namesake installation, StarBase 118 Ops, on December 12, 2015. Commodore Taybrim was promoted to Captain on June 12, 2016, and then Fleet Captain on February 20, 2019. Commodore Taybrim remains in active command of Ops.

Commodore Taybrim’s name has been added to the Commodore page in the Hall of Honor. In five years of service as a commanding officer, Taybrim has been decorated numerous times. Such honors include the James T. Kirk Cross, Christopher Pike Pendant, and Staff Member of the Year Award. Taybrim also previously received the Prantares Ribbon and the Rising Star Award.

In addition to her duties as CO to her crew, Taybrim’s player Jamie serves as a member of the Executive Council, facilitator of the Newsies Team, and member of the Chat Team and the Wiki Ops Squadron.

You can read more about Commodore Taybrim in an interview she did in 2017.

Please join us in congratulating Commodore Sal Taybrim on the forums!

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