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[sb118-ops] Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau - "Tangled"

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I love how melodramatic and soap operaish @Alora DeVeau wrote her post. Simply incredible writing! 🤩

((Temple of the Prophets – StarBase 118.))

DeVeau: Sal… I want to…

Maxwell: Tae kiss him?

Taybrim: I’m sure not…

But she did.  Why?  She couldn’t say. Deep within, a great desire to do just that welled upon within her.  More than that.  She wanted to allow herself to be wrapped in his embrace, lost in his touch.  To feel that again, someone’s arms around her, to be held, drawn so far into them that their warmth encompassed her, enveloped her, surrounded her.  No, not just someone.  Him.  The Captain.  Sal.  

Maxwell: ?

Maxwell’s voice finally started to seep through the haze that had surrounded her, but her thoughts continued to drift to other things, desires that welled up within.  They weren’t just desires, however, not just physical wants that pressed hard against her, pressured her to draw into his presence, to act upon that visceral and carnal hunger.  Accompanying it was more, an emotion that she had thought perished and withered.  

Taybrim: Wait what?  ::he shook his head, letting the astonishment filter in.:: Me?

Maxwell: ?

Did he know?  How could he not?  His abilities gave him far more insight than most, and her own feelings were so palpable, surely even the least astute could see how she felt.  Yet, Alora’s mind could only barely perceive that she felt as what it was, tried to deny the state in which she suddenly found herself.  Alora turned, ripping her eyes off of the man. She fought against that state which she found herself falling deeper into as she looked up him.  Yet looking away did nothing to alleviate it.  Alora found herself wrestling with it, trying to deny, but unable to.  She was in love with Sal Taybrim.

Taybrim: No, no… you are very attractive and yes the atmosphere is very conducive to it and…

Maxwell: ?

And?  And?  She wasn’t supposed to love the captain.  She wasn’t supposed to love anyone else.  It wasn’t right.  That dark face flashed through her eyes, his smile so brilliant when it was genuine.  It had been - for her.  How could she love anyone else? 

Maxwell: ?

Taybrim: ::Openly, earnestly, no matter how strange it sounded.:: I don’t think about it.  ::he shrugged:: Ever… not since … ::He trailed off.::

But his voice.  That sweet timbre, the flowing musicality of each word he spoke drew her out of the tunnel she’d entered.  As her verdant eyes opened and returned to rest upon him, his light shone through the darkness, piercing it, unwilling to allow the shadows to keep their grip.  Once more, Alora found herself staring, attempting to memorise every part of his aspect.  She licked her lips, a word finally managing to make itself known. 

DeVeau: Since?

It was a bare whisper, a request for him to speak more, so she could continue to get lost in those words, soothed by that voice. 

Maxwell: ?

Taybrim: Oh ::he waved a hand dismissively.:: I was betrothed once.  She’s crazy.

Maxwell: ?

He’d been hurt?  Was that what he was saying?  She was crazy?  If he’d once had a betrothed and nothing had come of it, how could he not have pain from that?  Yet, Alora couldn’t focus on those things.  Maybe she was the crazy one?  Warm.  She was so very warm.  Alora tried to close her eyes to the images before, to the man that still stood in front of her, his lilting tones rising and following over his words.  The music of his voice poured into her, drawing her closer.  

Maxwell/Taybrim: ?

That chasm that had stretched wide, once so insurmountable, now was barely a crack in the ground.  Alora crossed it, drawn by the bewitching presence of the man so adored by those under his care.  She touched him again, a gentle hand upon his face, fingers stroking his cheek.  

DeVeau: She must have been crazy, to give you up...

Maxwell/Taybrim: ?

Deep within that darkness began to stir, roused by the closeness of the man.  For a moment, she hesitated, her gentle caress growing still.  The drum inside her pounded louder, harder, distracting her from the wraith that writhed deep within, trying to come to the forefront.  It rumbled deep below, finding itself confined in chains, tugging against them.  Yet she couldn’t fall into its trap, couldn’t listen to its growled warning.  Before her was a man, his light far too bright to allow the darkness to consume it, and that light called to her.  She had resisted, but now she could no longer do so.  Falling into the call of her heart, Alora leaned forward to draw him into a kiss. 

Maxwell/Taybrim: ?

Her breath quickened as she pulled away, the shadows driven to irritation within her.  Eyes wide she took a step back.  What had she done?  The world seemed to close in on her and her arms crossed over her chest, as if warding off the impending consequences of the actions she’d taken.  What was going on?  What was wrong with her?  Her head spun and she stumbled further back, then turned, the mind that had once been so focused on giving in now suddenly screaming at her to leave, to get away from the trap she’d fallen into.  

Maxwell/Taybrim: ?

Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
Science Officer
Starbase 118 Ops
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