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Lt. McKnight: Shockwave slide


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Just sharing this fantastic furtherance of utter chaos. I had to pass on @Amuro McKnight's quick thinking for everyone to enjoy. The twists and turns in this are one of the many reasons I love collaborative writing here.



(( Corridor, Tibro IV Headquarters ))


As the group advanced to Lephi's position, Amuro can see the damage was extensive over here as well. He continued to scan as they walked. 


Mei’konda: What’ve you got, Lieutenant?


With everyone scanning the room, they all see the strange readings.


Raga: Can’t say I’ve ever seen the tricorder act up like this. 


Lephi: Captain, you have perfect timing ::rubs the back of her head:: There is a strange box underneath this bunk and it is emanating very strange signals. 


The Caitian captain let out a wry chuckle.


Mei’konda: My apologies, Lieutenant.  A maanufactured object of some type?


Almost everyone was checking their tricorders now, corroborating the situation. Amuro crouched down to look under the bunk for the box and shined a line from his bracer.



 McKnight: Well strange is a pretty vague thing to say...but oddly accurate. What is it?


Lephi: It definitely was manufactured, and although I haven't determined its purpose yet, I saw a cloaked figure escaping in the shadows as I approached so it seems safe to say it isn't a pleasant gift.


When he heard cloaked person, Amuro immediate tried to change up his scanning. There's only a few ways to detect an invisible person. His dad taught him some from the War. If this cloak is similar to the Dominion, cloaking someone doesn't mean he's not a ghost, he still would interact with the environment around him, just invisible. So Amuro tried to emit things from his bracer so it would bounce off objects in the room. Thankfully, it didn't come back to him with an extra echo. 



McKnight: The invisible man is the last thing we need right now.

Amuro got back up and made sure the room was cleared. If there indeed was a cloaked person in the room, he's gone now but do the locals have this sort of technology. 


Raga: A cloaked figure? ::He looked back to Strin and Dels’an:: It seems you might have more disloyal personnel than we thought. Or there’s a third party inciting things. 



Lephi: I didn't see much of him, regrettably.


Well of course...he was invisible, thought Amuro with a grin on his face.

Mei’konda: Untiil we can perform a more thorough analysis of this device or fiind the person who planted it, anything else is pure speculation.


Catching the Captain’s intent he nodded and kept watch over the others, casting his gaze out to the corridor outside on occasion. 



McKnight: We should get a team down here and carefully -

He was interrupted as the engineer was already jumping ahead to grab the box. 


Lephi: Captain, I've found the source of the confusion ::pause:: sort of… 


There was a brief pause and the engineer ducked back under the bunk. 


Lephi: The device seems to have been electrochemically coated with something that our sensors can't detect. Strin, could you provide some insight here? 


Strin: Response


Mei’konda: Looks to me that we miight’ve discovered the source of the traansporter interference, as well.  It’s emitting non-ionizing radiaation on a wavelength that could interfere with beaming.  Lieutenant Snow, Mr. McKnight, could you please verify that this thing is saafe to handle?


Amuro wanted to roll his eyes. They didn't know what this thing is and Lephi just picked it up brazenly without any thought of caution. He tried to scan the box directly but it wasn't working.


Snow: We can try, Sir. ::standing up::


McKnight: Whatever this thing is made up, I can't penetrate it with my scanner. We need to open it. 


Captain Delano nodded.


Mei’konda: Continue your initial analysis, then. I’ll be just outsiide.


The Captain walked passed her and out into the hallway and tapped his combadge so Toryn stood in the middle of the room.


Mei’konda: =/\= Mei’konda to Chin’toka. =/\=


Snow joined Amuro and Lephi in examining the box. Amuro was trying to be cautious and rather they aren't so close to a box of unknown purpose. Then his bracer picked up something.


Raga: Does anyone else hear that?


McKnight: I hear it, Raga. Lephi, the box!

He backed away from Lephi, who was still holding the box.

Lephi/Strin/Mei’konda: Responses 


Snow: Perhaps you should put it down.. ::Concerned::


Raga: Everyone, back away from the box. Now!


Lephi/Strin/Mei’konda: Responses 


Amuro was about to run away as Snow grabbed his arm. He managed to at least put himself in between her and whatever was coming before a shockwave blasted them all back. Because they were so close, both him and Snow were sent flying. Thankfully, they did not go far as Raga managed to grab them both as he regain his footing and grounded himself but it wasn't enough and they all fell over together in a pile and then began to slide back from the force.


Toryn cried out briefly in pain before the wind was knocked out of him and slumped to the ground. By the door, gripping Amuro and Snow tightly, though his grip on Lephi had slipped when his arm dislocated. 


Raga: Ahh! ::His breathing hyperventilated as he sought to find his breath that had been stolen from him::

Amuro, using all his strength, managed to steady everyone together. 


Lephi/Strin/Mei’konda/Snow/Dels’an: Responses 


With the shockwave stopped, Amruo got up slowly as he managed looked to see his bracer's emergency beacon had activated when it detected the danger and that he was unconscious for a few seconds, hence why it turned on and alerted the Chin'toka. 

McKnight: Toryn...you broken?


Raga: Forget..ah..my arm, is everyone okay? 


Amuro shook his head to clear the dizziness from the shockwave. He was only thinking about getting up and making sure the area is secured. Whatever this thing is, they need to get away from it or get rid of it.

Lephi//Strin/Mei’konda/Snow/Dels’an: Responses 


Raga: Whatever you’re going to do...Ungh! ::He grunted and his breath shuddered a moment:: Do it fast..that box is humming now. 


Lephi/Strin/Mei’konda/Snow/Dels’an: Responses 


Amuro crawled towards the box and managed to get to it. The moment he did, he took his commbadge and slapped it onto the box.

McKnight: =/\= Chin'toka, McKnight. Lock onto my commbadge and beam it somewhere far away from us. We've encountered a device. It might be another bomb. =/\=


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