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JP: Lt. Cmdr. Addison MacKenzie, Lt. Cmdr. Genkos Adea & Cmdr. Geoffrey Teller - New Leg, Who Dis?


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you know,  the lack of peg legs is dissapoing! Jokes aside, i've had this sim on hold till i've had some quiet minutes to appreciate It as It deserved, and oh boy it's a ride. This gang KNOWS how to write comedy and the flow between the characters is just perfect! Eager to catch up the last part!


((Station Medical Facilities, Deck 226, Deep Space 224))
A few hours later and Genkos was stood on a leg that looked as if it was made of solid gold. The three of them were on a mini-holodeck, constructed as a kind of “showroom” for hypothetical prostheses; Geoff and Addison in rather comfy looking chairs whilst Genkos stood, one trouser leg rolled up to above the knee, looking as if he was going paddling at the beach. Albeit it with the flashiest leg in the fleet.
Adea: Don’t you think it’s a bit gaudy?
Teller:  Yeah but if you ever want to join engineering ::Geoff smirked and took a sip from a fizzing concoction nearby.::  You’ll be very popular.  
Addison whistled a catcall and couldn’t help but chuckle to herself in amusement.
Adea: I feel like the villain from one of those Julian Bashir, secret agent holoprogrammes… You know, the ones that always have a deformity because of twentieth century ableism?
Teller:  Yeah, but they tried to make up for it by giving the bad guy the best hangouts.  You know, maybe that’s what I need to work on.  A lair.  Addy, know of any hollowed out volcanos in the area?  
She offered a sympathetic look followed by an unsympathetic tone.
MacKenzie: Don’t take this the wrong way, but you don’t strike me as the ‘supervillain’ type...
Teller:  Fine fine, but I’m adding ‘lair’ to my Federation day wishlist.  Alright Genkos, you’ve got the control padd that will let you reset the legs appearance - just dial in the parameters you want or choose from one of the options in the database, change will be almost instant.  
Adea: ::raising an eyebrow:: Really, now that is clever...
MacKenzie:  A man with all the power...
Teller:  Now, just so I’m clear...is peg leg completely off the table?  Because I think a compelling case could be made for….
Adea: You mean like this?
Genkos fed some data into the PADD, and the golden leg immediately turned into a rough wooden stump, tapering to a fine point.
Addison put her hand over her face, closed her eyes and slowly shook her head while offering in a low, gravely, mocking voice:
MacKenzie: Yo, ho, ho...
Geoff stood from his oversized chair and applauded enthusiastically.  
Teller:  See, that’s a no frills classic.  Real conversation piece.  The right man can command a room with that sawn off broomhandle.  
Adea: I’m not sure it’s got quite the “sickbay chique” vibe I’m looking for…
Geoff boo’d loudly, then finished his drink.  He wasn’t sure what was in it, but it fizzed and burned in agreeable and equal measure.  
Teller: I grant you it wouldn’t inspire a lot of confidence in your patients.  ::Geoff held up his hands in mock surrender::  No accounting for taste.  
She shook her head again, this time directed at her friend’s antics, then waived her finger at the peg leg.
MacKenzie: Push the button.
Genkos frowned momentarily, considering his options; then programmed in a new set of parameters that created for him a slender, high-heeled leg that caused him to shift his weight, one shoulder high above the other. The shoe itself was red and glamorous, made of a shiny material that one could practically see oneself reflected in.
Adea: ::strutting playfully around the small holodeck:: Yes? No? Maybe?
Addison looked next to her at Geoff, his eyes seeming to follow the leg. She waved her finger between the two of them.
Geoff pressed his lips together and blew an exaggerated wolf whistle in appreciation.  It was no longer a prosthetic or an appendage or even a leg.  Now, it was quite an attractive gam.  
MacKenzie: Would you three like to be alone?
Teller: Hey don’t look at me like that, a man has needs.::Geoff jerked a thumb towards his collar with a smirk:: Lonely at the top, ya know?  
Geoff tried and failed to hold a grave expression.  The withering look he received in return from MacKenzie redoubled his amusement.  
Adea: ::sighing:: Fine. ::he tapped in a final set of parameters that created an ordinary, Betazoid leg:: How about that then?
MacKenzie raised her hand to her lips and imitated a chef blowing a kiss after having tasted the most exquisite bite of his life, then sat back in her chair nodding satisfactorily.
MacKenzie: Bravissimo.
Geoff blew a small, disappointed raspberry.  
Teller: Can’t argue with convention, I suppose.  But remember, the mesh on the leg will be programmable whatever you decide on as the base appearance.  I’m confident you’ll use this new ability with nothing but responsibility and dignity.  
Geoff winked and finished his drink.  
Adea: ::grinning:: Well then, that seems like a winner to me. What next then, chaps?
Teller:  Well, that’s me actually - need to finish fabricating the thing before it can be installed.  You brought me out here to do more than fashion consultation.  ::Geoff mimed flipping his hair back and holding a [...]tail glass:: Darling.
Adea: ::frowning:: We did? ::rolling his eyes:: What on terra did we do that for?
Addison slightly raised a hand.
MacKenzie: I’m afraid that was my fault.
Teller:  I still need to go find a machine shop or engineering workspace to borrow, so lets say two days.  One to get all the parts together and another for assembly.  If you’ve got any last minute ideas...or you’ve reconsidered the peg leg…
Addison shot Genkos a sympathetic look.
Adea: No! No peg legs, golden gams or high heels!
[To be continued in Chapter III!]
Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie, M.D., Ph.D., FASFS
First Officer
USS Resolution
Lieutenant Commander Genkos Adea MD
Second Officer & Chief Medical Officer
USS Resolution
Commander Geoffrey Teller
Executive Officer
USS Thor - NCC 82607
Commodore A. Kells, Commanding


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