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Starbase 118 Comes Together For A Masquerade Party

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STARBASE 118 — The last tendrils of a gruelling mission of pulling the crew of the USS Andromeda from the grasp of the Borg collective have left the crew of Starbase 118 Ops in much need of downtime.

The Borg collective did not grasp the crew of the Andromeda or the USS Nimitz, who were the origin of this separation collective. Though for those who will go through the de-assimilation process, the journey will be long and painful. Ops has reached out to help in any way they can, including giving help and support to Lieutenant German Galven, who returned to home for rehabilitation from his self-assimilation.

At first chance, after the return of the USS Narendra (NCC-26595) — Starbase 118’s main support ship — the senior crew delved into a great deal of self-care and unwind. They took advantage of the eager-to-help counsellors to help process the events from the most recent missions. It is a burden they shoulder with pride and confidence.

However, leave was not all dark and dreary. Most were light-hearted and filled with comfort food and drinks. Even some hand to hand combat for fun and practice.

“Sometimes it’s hard to relax when some much lies on the horizon,” said Petty Officer Maja Bartolić, enjoying the chance for leave. “But we are surrounded by good people who always have your back.”

As Shore leave nears its end, all gather in the base’s grand ballroom. Dressed for Hallow’s Eve and the wondrous masquerade ball. A time for laughs, introductions and maybe even a few awards. Everyone will fill up on food, drink and company before getting back to facing dangers and risking life and limb for the greater good.


Written by Rustyy Hael

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