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Graduation class of 239711.23

FltAdml. Wolf

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DATES: The class began on 2020-11-16 and ended 2020-11-23
LIST: sb118-Academy2 

COMMANDING OFFICER: Lt. Commander @Genkos Adea
FIRST OFFICER: Lt. Commander @Blake (as Tristam Core)


Welcome to the fleet – we're so glad you're here! open?upn=-2BOYZtUixqJxTmQhSLDQZr9y5HAqqJMy door is always open if you ever need anything :wolfy:

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Oh, hi there everyone. Better say hooray before we split. 

@Genkos Adea Hi there. I just received my new posting on the Veritas. I'm so excited to get started, and I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun challenging my creativity. Thanks for all the advice and encouragement! 

@Taffaz Hello. I enjoyed learning how to make my character interact with yours (or try to at least). Good luck getting back into simming. 

@Blake Hey there, it was a pleasure simming with you. I hope we get to do it again ^^ 



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Hey, I was literally looking at your wiki page two minutes ago. How did I not... see that 😅 Hi Commander Blake 😂 

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@Wix Was great simming with you too.

Been about 14 years since I was last here but simming was like riding a bike. Not sure how many people were around back then but used to play Taffarel da Silva on the Kodiak and Victory.

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