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JP LtJG Alieth, 1stLt Greaves, & Ensign Katsim - Pranking The Brass

Ben Garcia

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A feast of a JP from the Thor's junior officers! 😍

An imaginative scene full of mischief and good humour - it's great to see the characters off shift ... getting up to no good! 

Cannot wait for this to play out. 


"Pranking The Brass"

((Captain’s Ready Room, Deck 1, USS Thor))

Peri was going to owe Cassie big time.  Although she’d already traded shifts with her once, this was going to cost her more, and Cassie wasn’t the type to forget it.  At least she had found some humour in the plan, and seemed willing to help them out, for which Peri was grateful. The question was, were they going to get caught?  And if they did, what would happen?

The young ensign tried really, really hard not to think about that.  At least Cassie was willing to make sure they got access to the Ready Room, though how Peri didn’t know.  She probably didn’t want to know.  All that she knew was that they’d be able to get in and take care of what they wanted to take care of. 
Alieth had been there when Peri had thought of it, but she had also asked Wes if he would come along.  The more hands they had, the faster they would go, which meant they would be less likely to get caught.  Making her way through the halls, Peri clutched the bag which contained everything they would need, though she couldn’t help but glance around.  It was the middle of the night, so most of the people were just night shifters, but...could they tell?  Did they know she was up to no good?  Oh shards, she hoped not.  
As she approached the office, she saw two other familiar forms arrive at the same time.  Peri managed a brief if nervous smile.  One more glance was given, then, after making sure no one who wasn’t in the know was around, she turned and stepped up to the doors of the ready room. 
Like magic, they parted.  With a squeak, Peri darted in, motioning for her accessories to hurry in with her so they wouldn’t be seen in the hall.  When the doors closed behind them, she sighed. 
Katsim: Computer.  Lights.  
Immediately, they turned on, and Peri set the bag on a chair and unzipped it.  
Katsim: Um.  Alieth...could you stand at the door and...you know, maybe listen?  Just in case?  Or would it be better to be outside?  
Vulcans had superior hearing, so she knew Alieth would be able to listen through, but would it be better to see?  Could Alieth somehow provide cover for them if she were outside?

Peri was definitely not cut out for Intelligence.
Alieth: I think it is better that I stay here if I must act as a watchman :: Tilting her head :: If I stand in the middle of the corridor in front of the captain's office, arms crossed, I guess it would be mildly suspicious.
Her tone, of course, was solemn and circumspect, yet as she settled down by the door, one of her pointed ears pressed against the wall to listen to the corridor's shenanigans, she glanced sideways at Wes, a glint in her eye. 
All that prank fuss was proving to be massively entertaining.
Inside the bag were a ton of streamers and other supplies that Peri had replicated. She’d used up a week’s allotment for them, but hopefully it would be worth it.  Offering a roll to Wes, she pointed to the desk.  From the bag, she also retrieved a PADD.  During the planning, she realised that it was likely any PADD of the captain’s would be securely locked, so she took one of the standard PADDS that wasn’t associated with a specific person.  The message had been set, now they had to implement the plan.

Katsim: Wes, if you could help me attach the streamers.  I’ll get the PADD on the ceiling. 
That was a feat only achievable by the mere fact that the desk was tall enough that if Peri climbed on it, she could actually touch the ceiling.  
Wes leaned against the bulkhead near the door and crossed his arms.  With a smile and a shake of the head, he watched the Ensign work.

Greaves: Not a chance.  I’m just here to observe, and maybe offer some constructive criticism.  This is all your prank.
Alieth moved her face away from the wall briefly to glance at her friend, who was displaying his best smug face and his keen skill at standing idle without making a move. A very vulcan skill, as far as she was concerned.
Katsim: Oh.  
The poor ensign's response only made the Vulcan woman strive to remain circumspect. Neither she nor Wes were making it easy for Alieth.

Peri had thought that when he said he’d come that he’d be willing to help.  She hadn’t realised….quickly she ducked her head, a blush lightly brushing across her cheeks as she climbed upon the desk to work on tacking the PADD onto the ceiling.
Wes glanced toward Alieth, and their eyes met. He knew that she was a touch telepath, but sometimes he could swear that she could read thoughts without that pesky requirement.
Alieth: Since the primary purpose of the JOPA is to assist junior officers, it might not be unreasonable to help her. :: bowing her head and narrowing her eyes somewhat :: furthermore I reckon that the Ensign has aimed high enough with her prank to receive the help of those long arms of yours
And maybe after that and just for the Marine's eyes she stuck out her tongue. But just a little. And just quite quickly.
Greaves: (Laughing)  Alright, alright. You’re right. It’s a pretty ballsy plan anyway. Let’s get it over with. 
A sense of relief washed over Peri.  The more people working, the faster they finished, the less likely they were to get caught.  That was the last thing she wanted to happen - especially for Alieth and Wes.  
Grabbing one end of the streamers, Wes stood on a chair near the wall and connected it to the wall. As he turned to reinforce the connection, his foot nearly slipped as the seat rocked.
Peri glanced over at Wes as he began to work with the streamers. The little nodes they would attach had been something Peri had thought of later.  With Cassie’s help, she’d gotten them synced up with the message.  Once the PADD was taken down, the message would play, the nodes would explode and send confetti and glitter throughout the entire room.  The whole place would turn into a rainbow of glittering colours. 
The Vulcan stood by the wall again and observed them carrying out their tasks, doing what she knew best: being a perfectionist.
Alieth: It is a touch crooked in the middle. Four and a half degrees to be exact. 
As she said this, the two officers on the table leaned dangerously, in a more than unstable balance on one of the edges of the desk.
Katsim: Be careful…
Greaves:  I’m fine.  Alieth, help me out with the other side of these things.  Peri, are you almost done with that padd?
Alieth:  Of course
The doctor left her position of watchman by the wall for a while, but before joining the group on the desk, she took a small detour towards the door to lock it. Of course, anyone with a higher security clearance level than her (therefore, any senior officer) could override her lock and open the door, but that little protection would save them from most prying eyes. 

Katsim: I’m done.  

Carefully, Peri climbed down from her perch on the desk and grabbed another roll of streamers from the bag.  The satiny, red material shone slightly under the lights.  Taking a second box of tacky stuff with which she would attach it, she pushed the captain’s chair over to the far corner opposite of Wes and climbed up, starting on that part.  

Katsim:  Don’t forget to twist them…

That made the streamers a little prettier, and it would help them determine how far apart to set the nodes.  Carefully, she attached the end of that streamer, then clambered down from there.  Walking around the desk, she dragged one of the visitor’s chairs toward the opposite corner diagonal from where she was.  Once there, she climbed again, stepping on her tip toes, wobbling a bit, then attaching a streamer there.  

Greaves:  Twist them?  Are you kidding?  It’s a prank, not a birthday party.

Despite his misgivings, Wes hastily complied and began twisting the streamers in his hands as suggested.

While twisting the streamers according to Peri's example, Alieth addressed an issue about which she had always been intrigued.

Alieth: It always caught my attention that you humans have so much penchant for celebrating the anniversary of your own birth. What exactly is the event worth celebrating? If it was the nativity itself, you had little merit in it and your progenitors should be the real honorees.

The Marine stopped twisting the streamers and looked at Alieth with a raised brow.  Of all the things that Vulcan’s usually critiqued, now she was attacking birthdays? 

Greaves:  (shaking his head) It’s a celebration of your personhood. Of your existence. It’s an excuse for friends and family to share their appreciation of you.  You don’t have any similar celebrations on Vulcan?

From that perspective the celebration made more sense, but it was still highly unproductive for the Vulcan. If at least it was a rite of passage...

Alieth: Of course not, the completion of a circumambulation around Eridani A is hardly noteworthy. Moreover, given the disparity between stardates and the years of individual planets, such anniversaries are meaningless.

Greaves:  Alieth, have you ever heard the term, buzzkill?

Alieth: Yes. From you, on our first day at the Embassy. And on exactly eight occasions after that. Also from you. Still a word that has no meaning, though. I have never killed any buzz.

Peri simply nodded and continued in her work.  That corner done, she scooted over to the middle of the wall on the opposite end, trying to mirror and reverse what Wes was doing with his roll.  

Greaves:  I’m sure the bridge crew are starting to wonder why we came in here.  Let’s try and wrap this up before someone comes asking questions. 

For a moment the Vulcan interrupted what she was doing and pivoted slightly towards the door. As far as her keen ears could ascertain the only thing that she could hear was the gentle and everlasting hum of the vessel and a hoarser and rougher sound stationary on the bridge. If it wasn't a behaviour inconceivable in a starfleet officer, Alieth would have sworn that someone on the bridge was snoring blissfully.

Alieth: I heard naught.... although haste in this situation is not farfetched.

At that point, Wes and Peri met in the middle.  She paused, pondering, then dipped down to go under the streamer in his hand to weave hers beneath, then aimed for the other side of the wall.  By then, the streamers were low enough that they didn’t need the chairs any longer.  Criss cross, applesauce, over, around, back, through, all over the room the streamers began to weave a web, one that Peri easily navigated and, with a glance at Wes, one that didn’t really hinder him as well.  With the Captain’s height, however, he would certainly either have to do some fancy maneuvering, or just plow through them.  Peri’s lips tickled upward.  That would also detonate the nodes. 

Eventually, the streamers were depleted, but now they had to go back and attach the nodes.  She had been fearful that attaching them beforehand might prove problematic, either with detonation, or the sticky stuff sticking to each other and folding up the streamers.  It just seemed to be easier to attach them after they were hung.  

Each node had already been attached to a piece of the sticky tack, then placed into boxes to prevent them from attaching to anything else, then separated by thin dividers that were of a material that the tack wouldn’t stick to.  She handed one to Wes, then made her way to the innermost corner.  

Preemptively, Alieth moved to her original position next to the door.  From there, the husky noise was even more noticeable.

Certainly, it SEEMED to be a snore.

Greaves:  Doesn’t look like there’s enough to just slap these on wherever we want.  Did you have a plan for how far spaced out they should be?

Katsim: Every...third or fourth curl I guess.  

Thus she set to work, grateful that they had decided to help after all.  Such work would have taken so long if she’d been left by herself to do it all . Except for Cassie who wasn’t available because she was on shift at that time, Alieth and Wes were the only two she felt like she could really call friends.  

Attaching the nodes went a little faster, and finally, Peri found herself in the outermost corner where Wes had dragged one of the visitor’s chairs.  Starting at the bottom, she added nodes to the layers, then climbed upon the chair to attach one to the upper most curl of the top streamer.  Reaching up, she fiddled with the node, which decided to stick to her finger instead of the streamer.  Pulling hard, she managed to get it to release her skin and adhere to the fabric.  Unfortunately, the streamer decided it didn’t want to stick.  Peri caught it, then attempted to stick it back on the highpoint of the wall.  That corner had originally been Wes’.  The streamer had originally been placed a little higher than the one she’d hung on the opposite side of the door, so she couldn't quite reach. After two vain attempts, Peri glanced down, placed one foot on one arm, then the other foot on the opposite one and lifted herself up.  That did it.  She managed to affix the streamer once more.  

As she stepped down, however, the chair decided enough was enough.  It swiveled.  Peri swiveled with it.  Peri then stopped swiveling and tumbled over the side of the chair and into the doors of the room. 

Attentive as she was to the intriguing sound in the bridge, Alieth failed to see the fall coming. She only saw a blur next to her head, which triggered her reflexes and made her leap backwards out of Peri's trajectory.

When she realized what had happened, she regretted her sudden move immediately. She could have done something to prevent that fall.

Two cracks resounded in succession as head and arm slammed forcefully against the doors, which then parted to let her slide down to the floor. Pain lanced through her arm and her head.  Her mouth opened, a cry following a gasp and she curled up in an attempt to retreat from the hammers and daggers that struck at her arm and head.  

As the woman fell, Wes nearly lost his own footing, and he flailed his arms widely to keep his balance.  The moment stretched out until just as Peri collided with the door, he finally got his footing under control.

Greaves: Crap.  There’s no way they didn’t hear that out there.  Peri, you okay?

The doctor knelt swiftly beside the ensign, holding her face between her hands to ensure she did not move her neck, just in case. When her slender fingers touched the slightly greyish skin, a pang of pain leaked into the vulcan mind.  Peri writhed at the touch, another cry escaping despite her attempt to be quiet.  

Alieth: I know it hurts, but I need you to stay still :: with gentleness, she moved her fingers over the nape of her, so suddenly, patient, seeking something out of place.:: Do you feel dizzy? Nauseous?

Dizzy?  Oh yeah.  Nausea?  Peri couldn’t think clearly enough to say whether or not she was nauseous.  Her head was ringing, the loud crash of a gong unwilling to silence, and despite Alieth’s gentle admonishment, she couldn’t help but jerk away from the Vulcan’s touch.  That only made matters worse, as the world, which had already begun to spin, lurched and tumbled upside down.  The only verbal answer Alieth received was a long, low groan.

Wes hopped down and jogged to the pair of women.

Greaves:  You have a tricorder on you Alieth?  How bad is it?

She shook her head, in a negative statement.

Alieth: I certainly did not anticipate that I would need it. :: She gazed at the marine sideway:: Give me a moment to examine her.

Her fingers kept moving around the back of her neck. As she did so, the Vulcan conveyed some of the calm she had nurtured, trying to placate the emotions that had taken hold of Peri. As the doctor's fingers completed their journey from the base of her skull to her shoulders without finding anything troubling, she finally pulled her hands away and focused on the arm that Katsim held tightly against her chest.

Alieth: :: in a soft, reassuring tone:: Can I take a look on it?

The telepathic touch was odd.  Not odd as in bad, just as in Peri hadn’t ever felt something like that before - yet she immediately recognised that Alieth was connecting with her somehow. Oh yes...Vulcans.  Telepathic.  If they touched you.  That sort of managed to sift its way through the hammers that continued to batter her head.  She didn’t /want/ Alieth to take a look.  She wanted the pain to go away.  

Greaves:  Alright, we need to get out of here before someone comes around wondering what the racket is.  I think I can modify the logs so it doesn’t look like we were here and give us a site to site transport straight to sickbay.

The doctor paused what she was doing and nodded briefly.

Alieth: To the secondary one, Doctor Quen is working on the main. 

He stood and moved around to the Captain’s desk.  Tapping quickly on the desktop computer Wes found that Captain Kells had remained logged on.  He grinned at the good fortune and, using the Captain’s account, encrypted the sensor logs for the room for five minutes before and after the set-up.  Finally he set the password ‘ G1TT3RB0MB’, and set up the transport.

Meanwhile, Alieth had removed the jacket of her uniform and made a temporary sling that clutched Peri's arm to her chest.

Without the protection of the garment, only protected by the under-shirt, the Vulcan suppressed a chill.Certainly the temperature of starships was not made to Vulcan standards. Even less so for those like Alieth, a native of one of her homeworld's equatorial regions, near one of the biggest deserts. If it were her choice, the starship would be kept at least at a comfortable 35 °C (95 °F).

Alieth: I want you to hold still, okay? I suspect you have broken your ulna, and I do not intend to let the fracture slide.

Hold still?  Peri’s automatic response to pain was usually the opposite.  One of the way she coped was by movement, almost as if she were trying to circumvent the pain, or distract her body from it with motion.  Usually, though, she didn’t have to contend with a head that felt like it was a supernova ready to explode.  Movement actually made things worse.  

Greaves:  Alright, we’re set.

Alieth: At your mark, Wes.

Greaves: (Snapping fingers) Mark.

And so, as the footsteps echoed down the corridor, with the somnolent night shift rushing to check what was going on, the three JOPA members vanished in a brief swirl of sparks, without leaving behind any trace that they had been there.

Except, of course, for the prank.

((Secondary Sickbay, Deck 18, USS Thor))

In the blink of an eye, the three of them appeared in the medical ward. The deck was virtually empty, with only a couple of nurses enjoying a game of poker in a deck on a corner and an engineer who was in observation attempting to sleep in one of the cubicles in the far end, unsuccessfully due to the cold, clean white light that lit up the entire chamber.

Alieth: Ok to that biobed with you, and most importantly, do not move that arm. 

Greaves:  Psh, there’s no bone sticking out, she’s probably okay. (Wink).  

Alieth halted for a second and with a new thought in mind, turned to face the marine.

Alieth: Even better, Wes, could you carry her in your arms? Miss Katsim you just hold that arm tightly.

He frowned at the Vulcan and looked about.  Sure, they were a couple dozen meters from the nearest bed, but it was her arm that was hurt. Not the woman’s legs… still, if she’d hit her head hard enough… Wes was no stranger to the dizzying nausea that accompanied a strong blow to the head.  Without further hesitation, he closed the distance to the petite frame of Peri and from her uninjured side, scooped her up in his arms.  Cradling her with one arm under her legs and the other under the small of her back, he exhaled with the effort.

Peri squeaked, but she really wasn’t in any condition to resist.  Pink flew to her cheeks even as the world spun about her.  Now it was nausea’s turn to make its appearance and her stomach churned along with everything else.   Cringing, she attempted to not let the combination of pain, queasiness, and embarrassment overwhelm her.  

Once he was standing upright, she was surprisingly light.

Greaves: Oh calm down, it’s easy enough.  Doctor’s orders anyway. 

He crossed the room to the nearest biobed and gently set her down on the edge of it.  Though that didn’t help any of the stabbing pain or calm her angry stomach, Peri was grateful not to be subject to the rather mortifying position of sack of potatoes any longer.  

The doctor scanned her meticulously and remained mute for a long time, a time that became as thick as molasses. As the results flickered on the device side screen, she frowned briefly.

Alieth: humm

She raised her head to look at her friend and shook it slightly.

Alieth: There is little to be done, Mister Greaves, a hopeless case.

Greaves:  How bad is it?

Alieth: Apart from a longitudinal fracture in the ulna, I am convinced that we are dealing with a fatal case of an owie. There is nothing to be done, unfortunately, I have run out of doggie plasters.

The Vulcan shook her head in feigned grief.

Greaves:  Good.  I’m pretty sure Commander Teller would put us all on permanent groundskeeping duty if he found out a crewmember got seriously injured while pranking the Captain.

Alieth: Five minutes of bone regenerator and she will be ready to be back on duty.

Good?  How was that good?  That wasn’t good at all! Granted, her injuries might be ‘minor’ in the grand scheme of things, but that didn’t make things better.  Of course she would manage to injure herself.  Of course she would manage to make a fool of herself.  All she had wanted to do was to rise up to the task given to her, and she couldn’t even fulfill that properly.  As the pain faded thanks to the administrations of the miniature Vulcan doctor, Peri had to silently wonder if it was all worth it. 


Lt. JG Alieth
Medical Officer
USS Thor NCC-82607 
Author ID number:  E239702A10  
Image Collective Minion


First Lieutenant Wes Greaves
Marine Detachment Commander
USS Thor - NCC 82607


Ensign Katsim
Science Officer
USS Thor NCC-82607 


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