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Denak IX Triathlon Heats In Tyrellian Sector as Gorkon Takes Shore Leave

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TYRELLIAN SECTOR — The triathlon of the year in the Tyrellian Sector is off to a smashing start for the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) and the entire sector buzzing with excitement about it.

Held on the remote world of Denak IX, the Class-K moon of the planet Tyrellia, hosts some of the best open stretches of land to accommodate the triathlon’s three competitive legs. Teams have descended from the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) and the USS Triumphant (NCC-75692), and multiple squads from the sector compete for the challenge title.

When designing the opening for the competition, Castinus Commia, Tyrellian executive Chief Planner of the event, explained getting the competitors onto the surface was the first challenge, so they enveloped this into the first challenge.

“We have hosted events on Denak IX before where waiting around constituted much of the initial outlay and did not contribute to the event overall,” explained Commia, commenting from the observation deck of the Tyrellian vessel the Argus, orbiting the moon. “Instead of multiple teams arriving in one location on the surface and waiting for the announcement to start, we incorporated their arrival into the games. The first event is a freefall from a designated point in the atmosphere to the surface.”

Once the team has landed safely, they will then begin a 5-kilometre race on foot across the planet on a pre-arranged route for their own safety and the tracking of their progress. In case of any difficulties or vital sign anomalies, the Argus stands prepared to conduct an emergency beam out of any contestant to their state-of-the-art medical science facility on board. Prepared for all eventualities, the Tyrellians are not taking any chances.

On the third leg of the race, the teams are set to take on a 25-kilometre overland race in an Argo all-terrain vehicle — a favourite of Starfleet for crossing large expanses of a harsh land. Race organisers have equipped the ATVs with communications, navigational and sensor pallets, besides extra equipment for any specific hazards on multiple routes.

“It’s been incredible to watch from up here!” Petty Officer Robert Peek exclaimed while partaking in race day snacks in the Gorkon lounge. “Next year they should include a sand-surfing element. That’d be fun. Can you surf sand on a surfboard?”

The Gorkon has returned to their Tyrellian Taskforce base and is currently in orbit of the moon Palanon — the inhabited moon of the Tyrellian people since their own planet, Tyrellia, became inhospitable. Taking a well-needed shore leave, the FNS has spotted some Gorkon crew enjoying the highlights of Palanon’s districts, including the Souk markets of Cotral, the varied lounges in Yarista, and Iana Station has continued to be a highlight destination for the weary officer looking to release steam and lighten their credit chit.

While the ultimate results for the triathlon wait in the wings, pending on the last racers to make it through to the flags, the Tyrellian dignitaries watching are hopeful everyone involved has enjoyed themselves immensely.


Written by Jo Marshall

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