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Velos Tan - Planting Seeds


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Write a completely different character for a full mission, but developt It fully and give the character a full arc and development is a feat, even more writing his main and 3-4 npcs more? 

A real feat, even more keeping the high standard of writing expertise (delightful to read), helping to keep the plot in track and being a steady presente OOC. Once more, @Geoffrey Teller displaying all the skills of a future GREAT captain, imho.


Good job man!


((Ministerial Chambers, Akorem Laan Administrative Center, New Bajor))
Uja: Minister Velos, you come here after having been found guilty of treason against your Colony and your people and having fled with your lover Mr. Alenis and, not only that, but you dare to tarnish this room with your presence, but you have the audacity to accuse our esteemed Governor? My child, I have always been doubtful of your wisdom, but this only proves that you should never have been promoted to the position you hold.
Velos blinked in momentary surprise, but not at being found guilty of treason in a sham trial.  That particular revelation seemed to flow past her without making even the smallest impression.  What caught her ear, and made her think along lines she'd never considered, was the accusation that she had taken Alenis Nerys as a lover.  It had been intended as a stinging rebuke and a slanderous attack on their characters, she was certain, but Velos actually found the idea entirely agreeable.  The vibrant crimson her companion was turning was a bit cute, even as he stammered out a protest.  The entire situation felt so laughable somehow.  
Alenis: (Stammering) That's… that's pre… preposterous!
Brodie: Mister Chairperson…I am Lieutenant Commander Alexander Brodie, a member of Starfleet assigned here as part of a relief mission to bring supplies to New Bajor. I have seen with my own eyes the duplicity of Governor Tidak and the damage he has done to this colony. You can all see this manifest evidence for yourself if you only look outside that door. ::He pointed to the way they had come in:: It is our intention to prove to you the irrefutable nature of this deception and dereliction of duty in a public office.
The side chatter in the chamber had come to a stifled halt as Lt. Cmdr. Brodie stood.  Even here, Starfleet had a reputation that gave the mans words a certain weight.  Velos nodded in thanks as Brodie deferred back to her.  
Velos: Spokesperson Uja...I hold no malice for you, or for anyone in this room...because we are far more alike than you realize.  I see you as I must have been, only a few days ago.  Victims.  ::Velos turned her gaze around the chamber, pinning each Minister in place as she spoke.::  Each and every one of us.  Victims of greed.  Of deception.  Of mistaking an enemy for a friend.  Each and every one of us in this chamber, and every New Bajoran who draws breath, is my fellow victim.  You may hurl insults at me, or strip me of my title - those things are no longer matters of serious concern for me.  What matters is the future of our world.  What matters is that we take back the things we've allowed to slip away under Governor Tidak's parasitic administration of our world.  What matters...the only thing that has ever mattered...is the truth.  Please...allow me to share it with all of you so that we might start the long process of healing together.  
Velos stepped back and the silence was deafening.  There was an uncomfortable shifting of bodies in chairs and questioning, curious glances between ministers.  Others had summoned aides of their own and had turned to hold private discussions.  It was several moments before anyone addressed them.  
Uja: Colossal and grave words you have delivered. And these testimonies will be heard, as this institution is magnanimous and beyond this infantile tantrum that you are performing, my child. Make your case and the other Ministers will hold a round of counter-argument  and questions. Then, we will vote.
Alenis: (Low voice) If you need any data, figures, statistics, I'll get it for you.  (Handing over the padd).  Pontificate about something for a few seconds, and I'll make sure it's on the screen before you get to a point where you have to deliver the actual fact.
Velos locked eyes with the man as she gladly accepted the padd.  Their fingers brushed as he did so and Velos felt a warmth rush to her face.  It had been so long since she'd been with anyone...even really thought about the idea.  It had always been her work, or some next drab function, or another semesters class.  She had rarely taken a moment for herself, and never really considered letting someone else into her life.  Now, as he nervously shifted and scanned the room, Velos could see nothing but perfect raw courage in the man.  He was terrified...but he was with her.  
Velos: Thank you, Spokesperson Uja.  Thank you for choosing reason.  Please allow my colleagues and I a few moments to confer, and to distribute our data to you.  ::Velos waved a padd, then remembered their earlier stopover in the network center::  You can also find it on the university data net.  I have shared the entirety of our research, and our findings, with the people...and they've already had a few minutes to go over it, so I wouldn't be surprised if your offices are already receiving...some feedback.  
Velos smiled at the small uproar this caused, then turned back to Lt. Cmdr. Brodie and Nerys.  
Brodie: (Low voice) Well, we’re in this now…
Velos nodded, offered Nerys a warm squeeze of the shoulder and a smile, and turned back to face the future.  
Velos: Spokesperson, Ministers - Let me be succinct.  Governor Tidak Beru knowingly entered an agreement with a cabal of arms merchants some six years ago.  He was approached because our world was lush and green, and served as an ideal testing site for the horrible weapons these people sell.  Weapons meant to corrupt a world, to stave its people.  To make them suffer and panic and fear.  Cruel weapons, sold to the highest bidder for staggering sums.  But Tidak got to keep his hands clean - all he needed to do was provide areas of the planet where the testing would not be especially noticeable.  When that failed, he simply suppressed or distorted the information.  He did this gladly, as he was paid a percentage of each sale these despicable people made.  I know this because Starfleet personnel captured a man named 'Nivlim,' who is currently sniveling in a cell aboard their ship, terrified his former employers are going to kill him for failing to kill the Starfleet Captain.  All this chaos....all this destruction.  The shattered glass and uprooted gardens around us are but a small taste of the ruin Tidak has lead us towards.  
Alenis: (Whispering to the Starfleet officers) If you've got any ideas for things she should present, tell me and I'll push her the talking points.
Brodie: Maybe start with the general overview of the colony harvest history…how this has evolved more recently against the typically expected climate and we’ll build from there. We need to set the scene and they tie things back to Tidak. Alieth, Sirok, anything you think we should start with?
Sirok: Although logic would generally dictate that we use the data, I do not think it will do much good with it. We can show the declining situation of their farmers, not so much from the data but from their current situation. The data recorded by my tricorder in the farming village can help support those arguments. :: As always his tone was monotone, informative, in contrast to his suggestion to use the feelings of the Bajorans. ::
Alieth: The information gathered by Ensign Dar about the assassination attempt against the Captain is here. Considering that a meeting with the Governor had been arranged and that the event took place in his antechamber, it is obvious that he was involved in some way.
Velos accepted the padd like a baton in a relay race, not breaking stride.  She could feel the Ministers listening to her, watching her every move, evaluating her accusations and her behavior.  Nevertheless, she felt a confidence she'd not known before and plowed ahead with her presentation.  
Velos: Here I have the assassins signed confession.  He was a middleman for the cabal, who handled relations between them and Governor Tidak.  Additionally, he has provided details about his employers that Starfleet found extremely interesting.  It is my understanding that they are being arrested en masse as we speak.  We have records of payments disguised as lavish gifts and others that are simply hard currency.  It may take some time to work out the full amounts involved, but suffice it to say they amount to more than twice our planetary GDP for the last five years.  ::Velos sighed, disappointed at the state of the galaxy::  Apparently the illegal arms business is quite profitable when you have an entire planet in your pocket.   
Uja: All this evidence is merely circumstantial, and may suggest that the Governor was involved in the attack, or rather that somebody else staged it so that the Governor would appear to be connected to it. Not only is this proof flimsy, but it also points to the fact that all this is nothing more than a fabrication with some tendentious agenda.
Velos fought the urge to roll her eyes at the Spokespersons obtuseness.  She could tell that some of the Ministers were coming around to her, while others remained guarded and impossible to read.  She needed to swing Uja, and the rest of the chamber would follow with him.  The quiet strategy session behind her continued uninterrupted.  
Brodie: We need to get them to buy into things. Once we get them asking questions, we can start to produce our counter augments. We have to be able to counter their questions with our evidence – that will help discredit the man.
Sirok: If they allow us, we can connect Thor's computer to the device they think is correct to display the collected evidence.
Alieth: We must continue to provide evidence and any data or verifiable facts that we have been able to recover so far. What about the scans that were taken from the Thor? Both of you have been with the science team, Secretary and Minister. Can anything that was discussed there be helpful? 
Alieth: All I can provide is the data on the medical procedure and nature of the weapon used against the captain and the little I was able to gather at our first meeting, Minister. (beat) Do we have a recording of the shooter's confession? That... Nivlem?
Velos considered her options the way a surgeon compared scalpels.  She needed to make one exactingly precise cut, and only the perfect tool would do.  
Velos:  Actually, I'd like to start with something else.  Some of your people visited our farms, did they not?  Can you display me images from those places?  Of the soil and plants taken by the Blight?  
Alenis: Response
The Spokesperson grew impatient with all this buzzing and humming and didn't hesitate to let them know.
Uja: Are you done with your chit-chatting or have you decided to turn this noble court into a gossip mill?
Velos:  I apologize, Spokesperson...but I felt you would find this more interesting than a graph.  These images ::Velos gestured towards the large display in the center of the hall:: were taken a few days ago, near the Landor farm in the Antos province.  I believe that is your province, Spokesperson.  In fact, isn't your family farm just on the other side of those hills?  The ones with the smoke pouring over the top?  
Velos allowed the images to cycle for a few moments, giving it all a few moments to sink in.  
Alenis: Response (if desired)
Brodie: Perhaps now move onto the damage to the farming equipment, the beginning of the failure of the infrastructure…they we can tie it back to the chemicals we discovered at the gristmill.
Sirok: Although not criminal, the agricultural facilities were totally underutilized and poorly maintained. :: At least by a Vulcan's standards. ::But they could use that argument against Velos, after all he is responsible for his administration. Unless you have a Tidak order that may place this responsibility on him.
Nodding in appreciation as she was handed another padd, a new series of images sprang up behind her.  
Velos:  And look, Spokesperson.  Is this not the agricultural distribution center that you lobbied for so stridentally several years ago?  It has been abandoned, the equipment idle and left to rust.  I certainly hope the laborers you've hired to work your lands are being paid extra, considering they'll have to do almost everything by hand without this equipment.  More waste.  More senseless ruin.  More of Tidak's corruption. 
Uja remained inscrutable, but faces around the chamber had gone from mild discomfort to aghast with shock.  She was making an impact, but she had to find a way to move this one last stone.  
Velos:  Just a moment, Spokesperson.  ::Turning to her team:: I really thought the family farm stuff would move him more deeply, but Uja's got ice in his veins.  I'm...I'm open to ideas.  
Alenis: Response
The Vulcan woman stepped forward from core of the group, folded her arms in front of her chest in a remarkably stern fashion for someone so short and then took the floor
Alieth: Your Honour Spokesperson, Minister Velos is currently compiling the details for her presentation, so please give her a few minutes.
Uja: He has had more than enough time, she should talk now or I will summon up the guards, we don't have time for this foolishness.
Alieth: It is illogical to regard the evidence that has been provided so far as foolish: even though separately it may seem like feeble accusations, as a whole they already require the consideration of this governing body, since it compromises the existence of the entire colony.
Uja opened his mouth, but before he could utter a word the petite Vulcan raised a hand in an authority-filled gesture.
Alieth: Not only that, but we have direct testimony of the Governor's involvement in a conspiracy with an outside power against the citizens of the colony, as minister and this officers will show you soon.
Velos smiled in thanks, and nodded graciously.  
Velos:  Uja...You're a good man.  A good leader.  You spent years fighting for your province, getting the colony business opportunities, improving our irrigation and transportation systems so the colony could flourish.  You worked your entire life to make certain this colony would endure, and I'm telling you now that a strong breeze could knock us down.  And this time, there will be nothing left to rebuild from.  This world will die, and that will be the end of our noble legacy.  Of your life's work.  It will be the end result of everything that has been sacrificed and labored for by every soul who has ever stood on this world and called it home.  Please...review all the evidence and decide for yourself on the veracity of my claims.  Please...all of you...any of you who still love this world....take a moment to deliberate.  
Velos stepped down from the podium and returned to her cadre of supporters.  Uja himself was sitting, quietly but rapidly conversing with aides and Ministers, both of whom were dashing back and forth between seats with unusual speed.  The panic was plain on several faces.  
Velos:  This is it for us, I think.  If Uja accepts our evidence, I know the rest of the ministers will come around to our side.  They weren't expecting us to have so much to level against Tidak so quickly.  I'm just not certain I got through to Uja.  
Brodie/Sirok//Alieth/Uja: Response
Outside the heavy doors of the chamber, Velos heard a deep rumble that seemed to grow like a wave until the whole of the building shook slightly, with glasses rattling and dust coming down from the cracked ceiling.  The Ministers had stopped deliberating and looked around, confused and afraid.  Velos turned to Lt. Cmdr. Brodie urgently.  
Velos:  Was..was that an explosion?  Was there supposed to be an explosion?  
Brodie:  Response
Velos:  Do they have Tidak?  ::Velos had an idea.  It was the thing she'd been looking for.  The final piece of her 'presentation.'  Her closing argument.::  Can he be brought here?  Now?  
Brodie/Alenis/Uja:  Response
((OOC:  I'll be wrapping up my act 3 scenes in my next Velos/Teller/Singh posts, so consider directing your sims towards a big ending!))
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