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Constitution Crew Perseveres Under Unforeseen Adversity

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ENDAASI — Having survived the series of quakes which mysteriously struck the planet of Endaasi, the three groups of crew members of the USS Constitution (NCC 9012-B) found themselves in different trying circumstances to overcome.

The first group, led by none other than Commodore Jalana Rajel, hiked along the ‘Walker Path’ of the Tat’si Mountain range, to learn about the legend of the Wild Walker. Shortly after the quakes ended, the group discovered something had blocked their route back to their starting point, and all other efforts to find their way back were in vain.

The group soon learned wildfire blocked the only remaining path, leaving them trapped on the trail. After using rudimentary tools to fight the flames back, the group discovered a strange creature, much like a frog that stood upright, blocking them from the fire. With the immediate threat from the fire handled, the group settled in for an overnight stay when Ens. Tagia Jutto, a newcomer to the Constitution’s crew, found the group.

Meanwhile, in the Helthala Cave system, a group spearheaded by Senior Commander Nugra set to explore the intricate tunnels beneath the surface of Endaasi. When the quakes settled, the team noticed their exit cut off, and all communication with the ship unavailable suspected to be interference from mineral deposits in the rocks. Seeing no other available option, the group took an underground river, and a conveniently recovered boat to search for a way out.

A little further in, the group came across a battered old Klingon, Memeth, who seemed a little uneasy to see them.

“I mean no ill intent,” said the Klingon, when the group spotted him. “It is my companion; he is trapped beneath the rocks.”

The group followed the old Klingon back into a tunnel where they discovered the other Klingon under a pile of debris. Making excellent time, Nugra uncovered the injured Klingon, almost single-handedly, while LtCmdr. Edward Spears provided emergency aid to the victim, before once again turning their attention to finding a way out of the cave.

The final group, under the supervision of Cmdr. Alex Blair performed a scavenger hunt during the quakes. When the commotion ended, they wasted no time in heading back to town where they encountered a representative of the Endaasi government, who offered them aid in ensuring their teams were alive and well.

After some initial discussion on what may have caused the quakes, the Endaasi revealed there was a global network of drones that might establish stable communications with each team. Blair gave the go-ahead for most of his own group to head to an operations centre where drone maintenance occurred.

There, the team began retrofitting the drone network with Starfleet’s communications protocol.

More on this story as it develops.


Written by Alex Blair

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