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Elijah Deckett: Train's Shouldn't Roll.

Kalia Qinn

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The crew of the Juneau find themselves in New York, 1969, living normal lives unaware that anything is wrong, until the world starts shaking.  It's been fun watching people flesh out their alter egos.  This post from @Elijah Deckett is a good example of every reacting the confusing situation presented to us, without the normal structures of a Starfleet crew.

((Train, En Route to New York, July 11th, 1969))
Deckett was taking a few days off work and decided to head into the 'Big City' for some R&R, hoping that maybe a day walking around, shopping and people watching would help him decide his future plans. He loved the community he was apart of, some of the people within it were like a second family to him, but he felt like he needed....more. some small part of him knew he was destined for...something, anything that meant he could help people. Then there was his dancing. He loved Ballet with a passion but the chances of it becoming a career were so slim, besides, you couldn't really help people in that line of work.
Deckett: oO Maybe i could become a dancing police officer? Fighting crime in my pointe shoes and taking down bad guys one pirouette at a time! Oo
Elijah chuckled to himself as he boarded the train, glancing around for a place to sit. He spotted one next to a man across from a woman, he somewhat recognised the two from around town. As he sat with them made small talk, enjoying the small moments of silence and the thundering lull of the train. He learnt the woman, Aria, was a professor and the man beside him, Peters, a novelist. Aria was currently explaining what she taught.
Oddas: Just a Combinatorics course, all about counting, the students either get it or they don't.
Deckett: You make it sound so simple, like teaching someone something new is a walk in the park. I've always had a great amount of respect for teachers, especially the ones who had to put up with me. ::He chuckles before turning to Peters:: How about your work? Written any interesting characters lately?
Peters: response 
Stelek: Do you enjoy doing that?
Peters: response 
Deckett: ::Shrugs:: I work as a bouncer, not nearly as interesting and important as you two.
Oddas: I'm afraid we don't get to clubs very often - this one ::she nodded playfully at the woman next to her:: doesn't like to go out.
Elijah let out a quiet chuckle as he watched the two interact, brushing a few strands if hair from his eyes.
Deckett: They aren't everyone's scene, but i found there a sort of an.... infectious happiness that comes with those places. The music, the laughter, everyone gathering to have a good time and let loose.
Peters: response
As the man grinned at his passenger, the train began to shudder, just slightly more than it usually did. The shudder grew until the train was rocking violently, metal screeching against metal as the shaking grew in intensity.
Random Person: Earthquake!
Suddenly Elijah was on his side and falling, he thrust his arms out blindly and manage to break his fall slightly. He hit the ground-or rather wall-hard, hard enough that he knew his side would be covered in purple bruises in a few hours. The first thing that hit him was the fear, overwhelming shock of what had taken place flooded through him and his hands shook with the force of it. A thousand voices screaming at once, praying, begging, crying, so many-too many-too much!
He took a deep breath and focused on himself, focusing on hus aching side, his hands his breathing, his heartbeat. Elijah steeled his resolve  and, groaning at the effort forced himself onto his hands and knees. As he stood the broken glass dug into the callused palms of his hands, leaving little .
Decket: Okay, I need everyone to remain calm! Is anyone hurt?
Oddas/Peters: response
He took a moment to survey the damage before rushing to help people, sitting them up and checking them for any injuries. Thank fully the majority of the passengers had superficial damage, mainly minor cuts and bruises, but everyone seemed to be in shock or scared.
Deckett: Proffessor, i need you you to check to see if people have concussions, check their eyes and try to keep them conscious. Peters, I need you to look for a first aid or anything to help cover peoples cuts.
Oddas/Peters: response.
He took time going to every passenger and speaking to them, using a soothing voice to try to calm them down. He found the more people he calmed down, the more the fear in him subsided. After about ten minutes, everyone had been tended to and the situation seemed relatively under control. He approached his companions and placed a hand on both their shoulders.
Deckett: You two okay?
Peters/Oddas: response
Ensign Elijah Deckett
Security Officer 
USS Juneau 
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