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JP MSNPCs Aide Dehan Strin & Vet'od Ozu: Things Left Unsaid, Pt. 1 & 2

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Lephi did such an amazing job with Ozu's characterization. :) It's added some impressive depth to our current storyline and I just had to share.

((Conference Room, Planetary Defense Command Center Keibrom, Tibro))

Dehan was stressed. The Grand Admiral was convinced a Starfleet presence was necessary, but he had personally seen the unrest it had caused among the people the last time. It made him nervous as to how much the Starfleeters returning could escalate the already existing tension between the Grand Admiral’s supporters and the General’s supporters.

His brow furrowed as he studied the reports coming in from regions across Tibro. So far only small incidents were breaking out and security and military forces had managed to keep them from escalating beyond a few loud words. It seemed that the Grand Admiral’s name still carried some weight even in the current political climate.

Vet'od grumbled to himself as he made his way into the conference room. The orders had come down that they were to expect Starfleet personnel to arrive soon. Another weakness the Admiral had, he thought as he smirked to himself. No self-respecting Valcarian should so openly welcome interlopers, especially not ones who have proven as troublesome as these.

As he entered the room, he laid eyes on Dehan, who he was to be working with throughout this endeavor. He made a conscious effort to bury any personal feelings he had at the moment, it wouldn't serve him any purpose to lose his calm and collected demeanor while there was work to be done.

Ozu: Greetings, Dehan.

Dehan turned at Vet’od’s arrival, sparing the man a brief smile before his attention returned to the electronic writing tablet in his hand. The man had always seemed pleasant enough and did his job with no complaints. It was all Dehan could ask in the present climate. Everyone was under some sort of stress, but admittedly his current position was much less stressful than his previous one in any number of ways. He’d been grateful that the Grand Admiral had accepted him as her aide. 

Strin: Good day, Vet’od. ::looks up from his electronic writing tablet:: I trust the preparations for the Starfleeters arrival are going well?

The question bothered Vet'od more than it should have. Not because it reminded him of the impending arrival of those uniformed menaces, but because of the underlying message in it that called the quality of his work into question. He was a proud Valcarian, and took great pride in all of his work. The man standing in front of him reading reports from electronic writing tablets should know that better than most, given their work history together.

Ozu: As good as they can be, I suppose. Hopefully the new security measures we're putting in place will help ease worries and tensions from both sides. ::slight pause:: Are those the latest reports? How does it look?

The question was innocent enough, Vet'od didn't know a single Valcarian who didn't have some sort of vested interest in the rising conflict levels in the region. That they were likely hoping for two different outcomes was a minor detail in the grand scheme of things, and one that didn't bother him too much. 

If it had been anyone else, Dehan might have sworn he detected offense in the man’s expression. He mentally shook the thought from his mind and refocused his attention on what Vet’od had been saying. The security measures. Yes. They’d spent several late nights together with other key personnel developing the contingencies. 

He offered the man the electronic writing tablet to view for himself.

Strin: Minor breakouts, but nothing our teams haven’t been able to handle so far. ::pauses:: But then the majority of the population has no idea that we’re expecting the Starfleeters. When they show up and word gets around, I expect things will get interesting.

Interesting was a word that Vet'od could agree with. There was no way of knowing quite what to expect when word got out, but he knew it would be foolish to expect anything remotely peaceful to come of it. He had spent far too much time going over the different possible outcomes to be this naive.

As he took the electronic writing tablet from his colleague and began perusing the contents, he couldn't help feeling a little disheartened at the words he was hearing. Of course, by all outward appearances, he was displeased. He wouldn't be in the position he was if he hadn't learned to control his expressions. That the Grand Admiral’s fleet was able to make such easy work of the General’s ships did not bode well for his future. He handed the electronic writing tablet back to the man.

Ozu: Quite right, interesting indeed. I'd like to believe we've prepared for every possibility, but one never knows when it comes to the Starfleeters. They always seem full of surprises. 

A wry, unamused grin crossed Dehan’s lips and he nodded. That much he could agree. Before he’d deflected and cozied up to the Grand Admiral, he’d served in the unit sent to hunt down the Grand Admiral and the Starfleeters with her. They’d underestimated the cleverness of their enemy and had failed to achieve their mission objective. That day, he’d learned Starfleeters were adaptable, making them rather formidable for anyone who opposed them.

Strin: ::huffs softly:: A kind way of putting it. I certainly wouldn’t want to cross their captain. oO Been there, no desire to go there again. Oo

Vet'od took a minor step back, before considering the ramifications of such a move and covered it by reaching for a electronic writing tablet that was sitting on the conference room table. If he didn't know any better, he'd say that was a threat. No matter though, all Starfleeters were the same to him, merely troublesome interlopers to be snuffed out at the earliest convenience. He took two steps forward towards Dehan, to compensate for the ground he had conceded moments before. 

Ozu: The preparations are well underway on my side. I trust your team is ready as well? Given the tensions, I think we can all agree that it is important this goes well. 

Strin: ::nods:: Yes, absolutely. The last thing we need is to give either side ammunition or a motive to cast the first stone to spark a civil war. Our culture and ways wouldn’t survive such a major planetary division.

Ozu: ::glances at Dehan curiously:: Interesting choice of words, my friend. There are some among us who might say the Valcarian Empire is already at war with itself. ::pause for effect:: Wouldn't you agree?

Dehan’s brows furrowed. While there was already infighting, he didn’t believe it had quite reached the level of civil war. He’d seen war in his time with Tibro’s 1st Special Forces Batallion. What they were seeing was a walk in the park by comparison, but could quickly escalate if they weren’t careful. It was his job as the Grand Admiral’s aide to make sure that didn’t happen.

Strin: Not quite. It could get far worse.

He watched as Dehan reacted to the question that was posed. You can tell a lot from a man by the way he reacts to having his world view questioned, and Vet'od just learned that the man standing in front of him did not take General Asil and his forces seriously. He made a mental note about that, the information could prove quite useful in the near future.

Osu: Are you really concerned over a few ships, even with the addition of the interlopers surely they're no match for the Grand Admiral’s powerful supporters? 

Dehan eyed the man for a moment. He’d never been a fool and something about Vet’od’s words was throwing him off. He wasn’t one to underestimate General Asil, especially having followed orders handed down the chain from the General himself. The man was ruthless at times and he wouldn’t put it past him to have his own set of plans. 

It was part of why the Starfleeters’ arrival had been kept such a secret. The Grand Admiral had been concerned about what the General would do if he found out. If Asil was able to gather the resources, he could pose a threat to the Grand Admiral in more ways than one. All they could do was hope the government structure would prevent him from rallying the support he needed to overthrow Del’san.

Strin: I have never and will never make the mistake of underestimating General Asil. He very much believes in his cause and has very little to lose. That makes him even more dangerous.

The look that Dehan was giving him as he eyed Vet'od was almost enough to send a chill down his spine, and he worried for a split second that he may have overstepped and tipped his hand. The words that followed however, quickly assured him that his fear was unfounded. Everyone in the Republic knew that General Asil was a man of strong conviction, and that was precisely why he was so dangerous. He had little to lose, and a reputation to maintain, a deadly combination Vet'od's eyes. 

Ozu: I am glad to hear that. I'd hate for there to be any trouble over the next few days, least of all trouble that could have been prevented by taking threats seriously. 

His words may have been vague, but the tone made it clear that he was talking both about Valcarian threats, as well as that of the interlopers.

Strin: ::gaze drops and he grabs a nearby electronic writing tablet:: I really should get back to these reports. The Grand Admiral will want a condensed version should she decide to present to the captain of the Starfleet vessel. It won’t be long before they arrive in orbit and I need to also finish composing the documents containing an overview of the new protocols.

Ozu: Ever the Grand Admiral’s workhorse. What would she do without you, my friend? I will leave you to it though. I have preparations to finish as well. ::short pause:: Plus, I should rather like to enjoy my last few moments of relative peace before those Starfleeters arrive and put a delicate balance at risk. Good day, Dehan.

With a smile he made his way to the door and left the Aide to his work. 

For a moment, Dehan watched Vet’od leave. The man’s curious behavior certainly had him wondering, but he dismissed it. No. The man had worked just as hard on these protocols as he had. It didn’t make sense that the man would do all of that if he didn’t truly have Tibro’s best interests at heart. 

He entered notes into the tablet in his hand, his expression thoughtful as he composed the message to the captain of the Starfleet vessel. Hopefully, the man would be wise enough to read the document in its entirety. Everything that they were working for could depend on it.


MSNPC Dehan Strin
Grand Admiral’s Aide
MSNPC Vet'od Ozu 
Diplomatic Liaison 


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