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(JP)Lt German Galven & Lt. Cmdr Alora DeVeau - Long Distance Calls, Data Rates May Apply (NT)

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@Alora DeVeau @Nalni Love the character development and emotion of the piece. Lovely to see a more vulnerable side of German ❤️

((Docking Station, Denobula))


German and Naylin were getting their personal items after the Denobulan scientist had spoken with the planet's ambassador to the Federation. Apparently he was expected because right when the shuttle landed, several security officers, a doctor, and the ambassador were waiting for them. It wasn't much of a surprise given his situation and that the information about him was considered a flight risk given his actions during the last mission. 


What was different about the security officers to those who he served with was that they weren't armed. They all were cautious, but German was welcomed with open arms and smiles. The last time he was on Denobula was when he was an infant, but from the stories over his species, he had learned that Denobulans were always a positive and helpful bunch of people. 


German figured that was the case because that had been him before his sister had been abducted by the Borg. And even then, he still remained optimistic. 


Once he and his son left the shuttle, they followed the other Denobulans towards a fairly low level security facility. He wanted to remember exactly how everything played out so he grabbed his personal PADD out of his duffel bag and before he could type out any notes, he noticed that he had a notification from his mother. 


Aza stayed behind on Ops so she would still work on his projects, but it looked like she was giving him updates on how the crew were doing. He read that they had just celebrated the crew's accomplishments at a Halloween themed awards ceremony. 


Galven: Would it be possible if I could make a call to StarBase 118, please? I just got some exciting news. 


Denobulan Ambassador: As long as we're all in the room with you, I don't see a problem with it. 


Naylin: What's going on? 


Galven: The crew just had their awards ceremony. Remember Alora? 


Naylin: ::nods:: Yeah, the nice lady who came to visit you before we left. Why? 


Galven: Well, she and another officer I've served with for a while had just been made department heads. ::grins:: I need to call them to wish them congratulations. 


Denobulan Ambassador: Only one call. We have a lot of work to do. We've made an itinerary for you, Dr. Galven. 


German nodded and turned away to decide if he wanted to make a video call or just a simple email. A video call would be better suited because he missed seeing their faces even though he had been gone for a few days now. 


As he pushed the command, he waited in anticipation and excitement while the call was being placed. Naylin walked over beside German and smirked, knowing how much enthusiasm was radiating off of his father. He didn't even have to channel his Betazoid hybridity to know that. 


DeVeau: =/\=Alora here.=/\=


As soon as she saw the face, however, Alora’s own immediately brightened.  


DeVeau: =/\=German!=/\=


Seeing Alora again after all that he had been though and not knowing what the crew were up to caused his own features to glow just as bright as Alora's. 


Galven: =/\= Hey. =/\=


DeVeau: =/\=Hey!  How are you?  Oh man, I’ve missed you! It’s not the same without you here!=/\=


Galven: =/\= I've missed you too, Alora. ::smiles softly:: Naylin and I just landed. =/\=


Really?  Had it taken that long to get to Denobula?  Had German gone elsewhere first?  Weeks had passed - what had he been doing?  Well, Alora decided not to ask.  If he wanted to tell her, he would. She’d just give him an open door to do so.


DeVeau: =/\=Everything go all right getting there? =/\=


Galven: =/\= The ride was pretty uneventful, but that's not why I wanted to call you. =/\=


A single eyebrow arched upward and Alora laced her fingers together, then rested her chin upon her hands.  


DeVeau: =/\=Oh?=/\=  


Galven: =/\= I see that you got the vacant chief of science position. Congratulations, Alora. You certainly deserved it. ::dons his signature Denobulan wide smile:: =/\=


DeVeau: =/\=Thanks German. =/\=

Alora’s own smile was not quite so wide - it was tinted with some sadness.  Oh yes, she’d gotten her dream position, but only because German was gone.  If she could have made things turn out differently, she would have.  


DeVeau: =/\=I appreciate it.=/\=  ::She paused a moment.  =/\=You doing okay?  I mean...really, are you doing okay?=/\=


That was the ultimate question of the century. German already had a lot to think about on the ride to Denobula. That's what he liked about Alora however. She was always one to ask him how he was like a big sister would. 


Galven: =/\= I'm alive. ::chuckles:: Does that count? =/\=


DeVeau: =/\= Partially.  I mean, that’s definitely a /good/ thing.  But are you more than alive?  Are you well? =/\=


Galven: =/\= I'm in safe hands and ::feels someone's hand on his arm, turning to see Naylin:: Someone else would like to say hello. =/\=


DeVeau: =/\= Oh? =/\=


Naylin: =/\= Hi Miss Alora ::waves:: =/\= 


Alora’s smile grew again at the sight of the young man. 

DeVeau: =/\= Hey Naylin!  How are you hon?  Doing okay?  Keeping an eye on your dad? =/\=


Naylin: =/\= Oh don't you worry, Miss Alora. I'll keep an eye on him for sure. ::smirks:: =/\=


German noticed that the officials in the room were looking back at him as if their patience was wearing thin. He nodded and gave them an open palm, spreading his fingers out asking for at least a few more minutes. After a moment, they reluctantly agreed. 


Galven: =/\= You two are too much. ::laughs:: So I don't have much time, but I have something else to tell you. =/\=


DeVeau: What’s that?


Galven: =/\= Well, before I left, Lieutenant Munger came up to me and said there's somewhat of an issue with my brain patterns. Specifically the pituitary gland. =/\=


An issue with his brain patterns?  His pituitary gland?  That didn’t sound good at all, and despite the lighthearted way German was opening that part of the conversation with, she expected the news he was about to deliver wasn’t good.  


The other Denobulans in the room walked over towards him to hear what he was about to say. Andrea only told him about the situation and didn't put it in her report. Which meant that they'd be hearing it for the first time as well. 


Galven: Apparently in the short time that I had been assimilated in the shuttle at the end of the mission affected the way my body ages. The theory is that until it's corrected, every day will be a year if that makes sense?


DeVeau: Unfortunately, it does.


Alora had her own issues with aging.  Hers was caused by a different thing, and her aging wasn’t so restricted when she had an attack.  In one spell, she could lose years.  In fact, in only a few months, she’d lost several years.  If left untreated, she’d be dead within a few days.  For German, his condition was only slightly less intense - but with him, he didn’t have any treatment at all. 


DeVeau: They can put you in cryostasis.  That would prevent aging until they find a way to stabilize you.  


Why hadn’t they done so already?  It seemed like it would be such an obvious way to prevent the aging.  


Galven: ::grimaces:: =/\= I'd rather not partake in such primitive practices. I'm on a top level scientific research planetoid institution now. We'll be exploring every possible avenue. =/\=


DeVeau: =/\= Such primitive practises?  It could help preserve your life. =/\=


German heard someone clear their throat behind him which made him realize that his call was past due. He needed to get started with his recovery. 


Galven: =/\= I know, but what may seem obvious to you doesn't necessarily mean that it's the best solution. Would you do a favor for me, please? =/\=


DeVeau: =/\= Of course, if I can. =/\=


Galven: =/\= Don't tell the crew about my condition. Give them my best and let them know I said congratulations and I miss them. =/\=


Alora nodded. It wasn’t her place to tell, and if he didn’t want that information passed along, she certainly wouldn’t.  That was private.  When he was ready, he’d let them know.  She had only let a select few know about her own


DeVeau: =/\= I shan’t.  Though...do you want me to tell the Captain?  I know he’s worried about you. =/\=


Galven: ::nods:: =/\= That's fine. He'd find out sooner or later. =/\=


DeVeau: All right then.  You have my word.  


Galven: =/\= Thanks Alora. ::smiles:: Listen, I have to go now, but I'll let you know of any progress. =/\=


DeVeau: =/\= Please do.  Please stay in touch.  There are a lot of people over here who care about you, you know. =/\=


Alora let her voice go a little softer. 


DeVeau: =/\= Romyana seemed particularly upset.  Make sure you call her, okay? =/\=


Romyana? He hadn't talked or even seen her since during the beginning of the mission. German started to remember how he was starting to grow fond of her so it was quite possible that she might've had a connection with him. 


Galven: =/\= I'll make a note of it. Thank you. =/\=


DeVeau: =/\= Take care German.  Call when you can. =/\=


Galven: =/\= Of course, Alora. And congratulations again. =/\=

With that, the screen went dark.  Alora sighed softly.  She really hoped they would be able to help him on Denobula, both mentally and physically.  She didn’t envy him his condition, and knew full well the feeling that kind of news brought.  Hopefully, his had an easier solution than her own.  



Lieutenant German Galven 

Science Officer 

StarBase 118 - USS Narendra 





Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Chief Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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