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Sern of Vulcan - Isik In Your Thoughts


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Everything in this sim is gold. @Geoffrey Teller and @Quentis Denous are monsters and deserve every PRAISE around



((Deck 4, Main Security, USS Thor))

((Inside the mind of Geoffrey John Teller))

The waves of frustration from his Human host were palpable. And indeed, shared by Sern as well, to an extent. Existing in the other man’s mind was exhausting - he never seemed to stop jumping from one topic to another. The Thor’s current mission (Understandable, completely understandable - and logical). Juvenile quips and jokes (Were they really necessary?). Songs from Earth that Teller assured him were sung by ancient seafarers (Again, generally wholly superfluous to the situation at hand. Yet even Sern had to admit, the melodies were quite… catchy…). And coffee. Oh, how the Human’s mind was consumed with thoughts of the vile stuff. And of course, consuming the substances only made the man’s mind rush faster...

Teller:  No way you make it four in a row, Sern.  I refuse to believe a ghost is that lucky. 

Sern paused before answering, leading with something of a long-suffering sigh. The Human was nearly impossible to reason with...  

Sern: ~It is a statistically possible outcome, Geoffrey John - luck has nothing to do with it. And the proper term is ‘katra’. I cannot exist as a non-corporeal, independent being, and therefore ‘ghost’ does not provide an accurate description.~

Teller:  Fine, preserved essence of life.  Telepathic engrammatic archive.  You're still not getting me to drink another sip of that stuff.  It's like someone boiled water and put a branch in it.  Just the branch.  

If he had eyes of his own. Sern would have been highly tempted to roll them. Juvenile complaints. He would have to add that to the list...

Sern: ~You become restless and irritable with the consumption of caffeine. If you had to reside entirely within your own mind, you would agree with me.~

Teller:  Have it your way then.  Call it.  

Sern: ~Face.~

There was a long pause as the Human flipped the coin. The piece tumbled to the floor, no doubt as a consequence of one of the impractically-showy tricks Teller enjoyed attempting to perform. Confusion - then annoyance.

Teller:  Hey wait a minute....this is the same on both sides!  

Sern: ~I programmed the replicator to produce an historically-accurate rendering of an isik. For a period of approximately five hundred years, the coin was struck depicting the Great Seal of the Vlugta on both the face and the reverse.~

Teller:  You reprogrammed the replicator...while I was asleep?!  WHY?!

Sern: ~You require exposure to culture, Geoffrey John. I’ve seen those tawdry holonovels you humans deem “historical”. They focus entirely on violent battles and mating rituals. Accuracy is far from their purpose.~

Teller: Response

Sern: ~That is beside the point. However, if you would examine the isik more thoroughly, you will notice that the Seal is not entirely identical. ::He paused, giving the Human an opportunity to discover the anomaly for himself.:: The lettering on one side is missing.~

Teller: Response

Sern: ~It is a very common misprint, I assure you. And, I believe, very obvious even to the untrained eye.~

Teller: Response

Sern: ~The side which does not possess any lettering is typically referred to as the “face”. I assure you, it has landed facing upwards every time. ::An audible smirk slipped through.:: I have won, as you say - “fair and square”.~

Teller: Response

Sern: ~Vulcans do not lie.~

Teller: Response




Sern of Vulcan


Resident of Teller’s Brain



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