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[Act 3!] Cmdr. Geoffrey Teller - The world keeps spinning


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I have to confess that I absolutely LOVE logs in a SIM, even more so when they help to summarize previous events (especially when there has been SO much going on in New Bajor, there's an incredible MESS down there, isn't it?) and even more so when they are so carefully narrated and follow up with that elegant balance between humour and duty that makes Teller (Both IC and OOC) so easily enjoyable.

Great job man, keep going!

@Iron Captain Geffrond Tell



//Ship's Log, Stardate 239711.03, Commander Teller reporting
The Thor is temporarily holding station in high orbit over New Bajor, performing minor repairs while we plan our next move.  We linked up with Lt. Cmdr. Rouiancet's Valkyrie flight several hours ago, and the Captain's condition has been successfully stabilized.  Lt. Cmdr. Brodie's team returned via runabout shortly thereafter, thoroughly waterlogged but with a valuable chemical sample that has already been transferred to the high containment labs for analysis.  
Doctor Del Vedova assures me that Captain Kells is out of danger and in recovery, but the Doctor has made it perfectly clear that Captain Kells is not to formally return to duty for at least another twenty fours hours.  The Captain was surprisingly accommodating and waited a full twenty five minutes after surgery before summoning the senior staff.  Doctor Del Vedova has requested I enter his formal protest in the log, along with several other comments that are not suitable for an official record.
Our prisoner, recovered from the surface near the site of the assassination attempt on the Fleet Captain, has been surprisingly talkative while in custody.  Apparently, learning that his associates destroyed their own base rather than allowing an investigation has made him quite fearful for his own safety, and he has agreed to cooperate so long as he's kept in protective custody aboard the Thor.  'Nivlem' has been functioning as something of a middle man on New Bajor, representing a small cabal of arms merchants who needed a convenient place to test their stock of salvaged chemical weapons and nano-defoliants.  Governor Tidak Beru was approached and paid handsomely for 'small scale testing' several years ago and has continued to cooperate, even as the 'tests' wrought havock on the broader biosphere of the planet.  Nivlem has provided what we believe to be the location of his employers, and limited tactical details on their installation.  
The mystery we've stumbled onto has begun to take shape and the science teams are making steady progress on their research with the assistance of Minister Tan and Mr. Alenis.  We're now fully committed and intend to see this through to the end, wherever that leads us.  
//end log
((Main Sickbay, Deck 10, USS Thor))
At the side of the Captain's biobed, Geoff felt a profound sense of relief and smiled at the hovering Doctor Del Vedova.  The Doctor flatly refused to leave his side and had made each officer promise to keep the meeting as brief as possible, under gravest threats involving laser scalpels. Geoff had no intention of pushing his luck this time.   
Kells: We have our work cut out for us. This was no simple supply run.
Teller:  Sir, I know I speak for everyone here when I say how relieved we are you're alright.  ::Geoff offered an exaggerated wink:: Any rumors that I was redecorating your office are baseless lies.  
Brodie / Garcia: Responses
Kells: I have assignments for each of you. If we complete the goals of each, I think we'll be able to resolve this situation. (beat) Commander Teller, I need you to return to the planet.
Geoff relished the opportunity and his smile turned slightly sharp.  
Teller: You want me to go sweep up all the glass we left scattered around sir?
The Captain gave him a small smirk, but there was a serious glint in the mans eye.  
Kells: You're going to arrest Governor Tidak. (beat) There's no one who can do so within the civilian government, and he's already committed acts of violence, unlawful acts, against officers on this ship. Take Ensign Dar and Lieutenant Greaves with you, and bring him to our brig. You might bring Lieutenant Johnson, too. I see in the report that she was instrumental in discovering the blight from your runabout. Let Tidak hear about his cover-up from those who know about it.
Teller: Understood, I'll assemble my team.  Our prisoner has provided details about a secure bunker complex hidden below the Administrative center.  It's Tidak's most likely location at this point.  An assault won't be easy but we'll find a way in.  
The Captain nodded before shifting his attention to Lt. Cmdr. Brodie.  
Kells: Mr. Brodie, with the governor's absence, there's going to be a power vacuum, and I want you to plug it. You'll return to the surface, too, with Velos Tan, and Alenis, if he'll agree to accompany her. Let her demonstrate to the rest of the civilian government what was happening, and with any luck, they'll look to her as a leader. Take Doctor Alieth and Lieutenant Sirok with you for whatever support you may need.
Brodie: Response
Kells: Now, Mr. Garcia, I need your skills as a pilot. You'll take the support vessel of your choice along with Lieutenant Yang, Commander Rouiancet, and the marine spacecraft detachment -- in their own vessels, to support you -- and you're going to apprehend whatever powers were behind this whole affair. You have broad discretionary power, but I would like them alive.
Teller:  About that - Nivlem has informed us his employers maintain a large base aboard a derelict space station a few lightyears from here.  It's defended by a second hand Dominion mine field, which is dangerous but it means there are gaps you can exploit.  They're small, and shifting - getting your team in will require some finess.
Garcia: Response
Geoff noticed the Captain grimace in discomfort and shift on the biobed.  Doctor Del Vedova took a step closer in concern but paused midstride at a glance from the Captain.  
Kells: I'm going to remain on Thor. I'll oversee the science-medical team that works on a blight cure and delivery system. I'm going to keep Lieutenants Lovar and Quen and Ensign Katsim here, and I'm sure Commander del Vedova will be overseeing me as much as I'm overseeing the team's work.
del Vedova: Too right.
Kells: I think that's it. Any questions?
Teller:  Can't say I have any complaints about you staying aboard the ship, sir.  I'll have my team assemble in the armory and we'll put together an extraction plan.    
Brodie / Garcia: Responses
Teller:  I recommend we keep the ship at yellow alert for the time being, sir - but other than that, the chair is all yours as soon as the Doctor here says you're ready to sit in it again.  ::Geoff smiled::  While I'm downstairs, there anything I can pick up for you from the surface?  Commemorative mug, maybe?
Kells/Del Vedova:  Response
Brodie/Garcia:  response
Commander Geoffrey Teller
Executive Officer
USS Thor - NCC 82607
Commodore A. Kells, Commanding


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