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Ensign Yael - Recuperating With The Angel (NT- Bailey)

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@Ashley Yael I thoroughly enjoyed writing this scene with you and can't wait to continue the character development. 

The ending of this sim was perfect giving the two characters room for further development and exploration. 

 _ _ _ 

((Starbase 118 Ops - Medical Bay))


There was a haze.  People speaking, but just beyond his hearing.  It was difficult to make sense of it, though his sleeping mind tried.  It felt as if only a few moments passed, but some time actually had.  A couple hours for the surgery he slept through.  Then, a short while in recovery.


He thought he heard voices, familiar but impossible ones.  One deep and stern voice threatened to drown out the more pleasant ones.  A Denobulan voice much like his own, but without the good humor or veneer of civility.


It took him some time to come out of the medicated fog, but he was glad when he did, as he realized the voices were far away and a product of his subconscious, or of stress.


He felt so heavy.  Had to take a few deep breaths with purpose to help him realize he was genuinely awake.  Eyes opened, but just barely.


Doctor Bailey.


The last he recalled seeing her was only a short while ago, though it felt a long way away.  Her golden blond hair had been spilling over her shoulders as his vision narrowed, and she’d seemed quite angelic in that moment when she’d come to save him.


Bailey: Hey, welcome back sleepy head. ::now she was starting to talk like she did to her two sisters as a way to comfort them:: Everything was good. Successful. You’re on some pain medication but I suspect you might not need them for much longer. 


Yael:  ::heavily::  … Bailey… can I... ::he paused, trying to collect his senses::  I can breathe... I can talk?


Sudden concern he might undo her good work, but she put him at ease with her words and glowing bedside manner.


Bailey: Yes you may talk, just be careful. We are keeping you here under observation for at least 24 hours. 


Yael: ::coming through the fog somewhat::  Everything’s ok then?


Bailey: ::air whizzed out of her lungs:: You need to be careful. Had me scared to death. I was in pain too. I couldn’t stop imagining walking away…. ::Sharp intake of breath::


Walking away?  He wasn’t sure how to process that.  Was it because she couldn’t stay due to the gravity?  Had she put herself at risk to help perform his surgery?  He tried to look at her more closely but he was just not clear headed enough.  He tried to smile, though it was small.


Yael:  I’m glad you stayed.  Where would I be without you?


He hoped it would come out encouraging, but he didn’t have much energy to put behind it.


Bailey: I’m sorry. I should leave you to rest.


Yael:  I’ll try not to scare you again.  In fact, this is the last I want of my bones going array.  Far too bothersome...


He was going to say how tired and heavy he felt, but he ended up thinking it instead as he let out a heavy breath.  He let his eyes slip shut and his breathing to steady.  Recuperative sleep sounded so very nice right about now.  But he knew even as he slipped into blissful rest that he would need to seek Bailey out again, if for no other reason than to thank her for descending out of the air and saving him.




Ensign Ashley Yael


Starbase 118 Ops


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