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2ndLt Josh ‘’Ringo” Henderson – … You’ll Just Die Tired


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@Judiciar Westus Grevious never disappoints to provide realistic and insightful descriptions, has perfect timing for both action and humour and is more than able to get you hooked with his sims, no matter what he's depicting. Man, you are really cool, keep it up!



2ndLt Josh ‘’Ringo” Henderson – … You’ll Just Die Tired


((Valkyrie 4, Overhead Akorem Laan Administrative Center, New Bajor))


Singh:  =/\= Affirmative, weapons hold unless engaged.  Recommend you advise the ground team to cover their ears.  We're bringing the thunder. =/\=


Henderson:  Twenty seconds!


Rouiancet: =/\= Will advise. Good luck. =/\=


Directly ahead the city was plainly visible, peacefully twinkling in the early light of day.  With Valkyrie 5 in formation, they shrieked through the last thousand meters towards the ground and aligned for their run.  Hugging the curvature of the terrain at a level barely above the tallest buildings on sensors, Valkyrie 4 & 5 would make a hypersonic pass over the city at just below Mach 10.  They would be over the city for just two seconds before breaking wide to port and starboard, but the shockwaves from their passage would shatter windows and shake buildings for kilometers. 


To Josh, this was the absolute worst part of working the back seat of a fighter.  Ishani had the controls and he was just along for the ride.  In deep space it was never a problem, heck it wasn’t even an issue in orbit or near a planetoid.  This however was much different.  As she nimbly guided the craft in close formation with Valkyrie 5 just above rooftops, Josh was forced to watch as buildings whipped by in a blur of speed just meters away and hope they didn’t collide.  He turned his focus inward to the sensor displays so he didn’t have to watch.   This way if Snowball made a mistake, he probably would never even know what killed them.


Singh: =/\= Five seconds to overhead.  Deploy photonic countermeasures on my mark...3..2..1...Mark. =/\=


A slow smile crept across Josh’s face, but he didn’t have time to contemplate the beauty of the idea.  His hands quickly disabled the automatic countermeasure deployment and set up for manual. Precisely when told to he mashed the button and released a dazzling display of pyrotechnics. 


Henderson:  Released!


The photonic countermeasures were specifically designed to disrupt heat, visual, and particle sensors. The way they did this however was by creating a fireball floating in the craft’s wake that was so blindingly hot and bright that any sensor tracking the fighter would have difficulty picking out what was fighter and what was countermeasure.  The practical effect in this case was to essentially putting a momentary second sun just above the buildings as they passed overhead.  


A few seconds after the fighters passed, the leading edge of a sonic shockwave fell upon the city like a great tsunami of sound.  The accompanying thunderclap would have done the ship's namesake proud.  




Rouiancet: =/\= Extraction team, be advised I'm on the ground, heading out in pursuit of the away team. =/\=


Henderson: =/\= Roger ma’am. I’m showing no ground threats yet, but it might be prudent to let us do another quick pass to reinforce the message that we’re still here. =/\=


Singh: Response


Rouiancet: =/\= Understood. Staying put, for now. I'll attempt to contact the away team again. (beat) Hurry. =/\=


Henderson: Good thinking Snowball. 


Josh continued to watch his monitors like a hawk as Ishani gracefully arced the fighter around.  This area of the city was heavily populated, and expectedly lifesigns were boundless. Ringo was specifically watching for lifesigns near the troubled away team however.  After the first pass, much of the city was likely reeling in shock from the sudden thunderclap, but the building the away team was holed up in had one strange reaction that caught his eye.


Henderson: Snowball, we’ve got a squirter.  Single humanoid.  Looks like they’re booking it out the eastern side of the objective building. Guy must be moving at a full sprint. Looks like everyone else is staying put.  Think you can slow us down a hair and get a visual on this guy?


He tapped a few keys and highlighted the man’s location with a small yellow box on their displays.


Singh: Response


Henderson: I like the way you thinking.  Pushing you a flightpath marker…. (mashing buttons) now.   That approach vector should give us a good vantage point on him.


Singh: Response


Henderson: =/\= Valkyrie 5, this is lead, take overwatch. We’re investigating a squirter. =/\=


Valkyrie 5 WSO: =/\= Copy lead.  We’re your angel above. =/\=


Henderson: =/\= Valkyrie 4 to away team.  We’re investigating a runner.  Did anyone get a visual on any attacker down there? =/\=


Dar/Alieth: =/\= Response =/\=





2ndLt Josh “Ringo” Henderson

Marine Weapons Systems Operator





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