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MSPNPC Da'al Zeneth - The best laid plans....


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@Meidra Sinir wrote this, and I thought it was outstanding.

(( Prime ministerial offices, Vman – Da’al capital city ))

Zeneth watched as the Prime Minister deftly spun his diplomatic web, inwardly rolling her eyes at his use of existential crisis. Always the showman, but was he really in tune with this new audience? StarFleet, from what she’d understood from her research, was not just humans, but many other species. What worked with one species might not be accepted by another. Still, she remained silent as her friend played the benevolent leader, only concerned with the safety of his people.

It wasn’t that he didn’t care, of course, but the years in office had shaped him into someone who knew how to work a crowd. Sometimes, she wondered if he realized he was almost two different beings, one being a politician eager to keep his job, and the other, who she saw less and less of lately, the man she’d come to care for as a close friend and mentor. She frowned off camera, and listened to the conversation continue.

Ypartin: =/\= Both the Federation and the Klingon Empire have attempted to establish closer relations with us, and you have both received the same answer.  Thank you, but no.  You have respected our wishes.  The Klingons are not. We wish for our neutrality to be respected. =/\=

Nicholotti: =/\= Prime minister, I believe that we can work together to attain what you need, though I feel we could do more if we discussed a few things. Would a meeting in person be satisfactory? =/\=

Zeneth saw that Ypartin’s skin had turned a deep maroon.  He was worried, and he was wondering how to keep the upper hand in a discussion he hadn’t had much time to prepare for; she felt a tinge of guilt at her part in that, but it was too late to reverse their course now.

Ypartin: =/\= Fleet Captain, I am amenable to such a request.  However, please understand, we are not in the habit of welcoming many visitors.  It will take time to make the necessary arrangements for your arrival.  I would ask to contact you again on this frequency at the same time tomorrow. =/\=

Nicholotti: =/\= Then we shall speak again shortly. Please reach out to us here. =/\=

Ypartin: =/\= Thank you, Fleet Captain. =/\=

Ypartin cut the transmission and gave Zeneth the full force of his glare.

Ypartin:  What did I tell you, Zeneth?  How are we supposed to claim any kind of moral outrage about a Klingon invasion of our colonies, when I’ve just invited a Federation envoy to set foot on our homeworld?

Zeneth:  It is hardly the same situation, Ypartin. I don’t see anyone from the Federation laying claim to our homeworld. If we are to survive, we must take risks. I for one, do not wish to risk our people’s lives without allies who understand these Klingons. 

Ypartin stood up and adjusted his tunic, a nervous tic that came out when he was thinking too much on the things that he could not change. She wanted to reassure him, but what could she say that she hadn’t so far? She could see he was in Prime Minister mode now, and she would treat him as such.

Ypartin:  We have one day to prepare for this, Zeneth, so we must move quickly.  I will address the people tonight.  Let them know what is happening.  I cannot keep them in the dark any longer.

Zeneth:  Do you think they will understand? I know this was my idea, but the people have never had to face such a situation before. 

Ypartin:  I know.  It is a tremendous risk.  But if we’re going to survive this intact, it’s time the people know that the enemy here is the Klingons, not the Federation.

Zeneth:  I understand. What would you have me do, sir?

Ypartin:  I am putting my trust in you, my friend.  Please see to the preparations.  Find a suitable, secure location in the city for us to meet with the Federation representatives.  Can you have everything in place by midday tomorrow?

There was something going on, Zeneth was sure of it. That nervous tic of adjusting his clothes was a sure giveaway that he was up to something. She couldn’t accuse him of anything, but he had been too accepting of this visit by the Federation and she knew he valued his popularity above all else. It saddened her to think that she really did not know him anymore, but they had chosen their own paths since the election. 

Zeneth:  Of course, the conference hall in Military Unit Three will be sufficient. My generals there are trustworthy, and have trained alongside me in martial arts not well known to the populace. We will be ready.

Ypartin:  I know I am asking a lot, and I have every confidence in you.  ::beat:: I am certain you have plenty to do, and I have a speech to write.  Keep me informed.

Zeneth made her way out of opulent office, down the hall and through the checkpoint, all the while thinking, planning, getting angrier as she realized that Ypartin was never going to just let the Federation come in and play the hero when he built himself up so carefully over the years. 

(( Military Unit Three, Zeneth’s office, Vman – Da’al capital city ))

A large man with dark purple skin and clear green eyes was waiting for her when she arrived. General Ulner had taught her as a child to fight in the ways of the Vinian elders, knowing that the religion was not followed by many. He had been her grandfather’s greatest friend and had been a stern teacher as she went through the twelve levels of Ha’shar, the Vinian’s fighting technique. Even Ypartin did not know she was a follower of Vinia, and today, she was very grateful for that. 

Ulnar: You seem troubled. Is that upstart giving you grief again?

Zeneth had told the general everything she knew about the Klingons coming closer, the Federation visit, her fears about Ypartin not believing that she could actually be an asset to their cause. He had, of course, offered to simply hang the man over the edge of his office window until he saw sense, but Zeneth had reminded him that was against the law. 

Zeneth: Ypartin spoke with the captain of the StarFleet vessel. He said all the right things, but they felt wrong. I fear that he is thinking as a politician and not as a leader. 

She started pacing, muttering prayers under her breath, it was not the same as actual meditation, but if she concentrated, she could still tap into the river of time as she had in her apartment, and try to see what was happening. She let her mind go back fifteen minutes, over the compound, past soldiers and farmers and people come to see the Prime Minister’s favor.

Finally her mind focused on Ypartin after she had left him. She saw him watch her leave, she saw him put a chip into his terminal, she saw him - 

Zeneth’s eyes flew open. He wouldn’t, he would not be so blind! She didn’t know who he had given that order to, but when she found out, as military advisor, she would be certain that one of her generals would be escorting him to the brig once this was over. And as for Ypartin, well, she would just have to wait and see what his plan was. Her heart constricted and she placed a hand below her ribcage, where it sat, betrayed and angry.

Her eyes flew to her most trusted general and she shared her vision. The two of them made a pact of secrecy. They would not act until they had all of the facts, but one thing was clear. 

Ypartin was no longer the friend she had sworn her allegiance to five years ago.


End scene for Zeneth



Da'al Military Advisor


as simmed by


Ensign Meidra Sirin
Counseling Officer
USS Resolution
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