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Lieutenant Sheila Bailey - Service Dog In Training (NT)

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I love going on missions with my fellow writers.  Exploring situations and seeing how our characters respond is definitely a wonderful experience.  However, one of my favourite parts is seeing what people do with their personal arcs, and that allows me as a reader to follow along in their journey.  Sheila's journey has been on going, but I love how Aly is giving us insight to a new sort of beginning along that journey.  I love how she makes it easy to connect with her character, and allows us a glimpse of what it might be like to be Sheila.

((Sheila Bailey’s Quarters - Habitat Areas - Starbase 118))

Sheila had done it. Yes she had done it. She had taken the next step needed. Now however she wasn’t sure. Not in the way that she shouldn’t have done it but more so ‘I never thought I’d get this far’. 


She had been wearing her uniform as she walked back from her appointment at the breeders. Dogs that’s what it was. ‘Special dogs for special folks’. That was supposedly the woman’s motto. Basically a breeder trainer and with that she would have to come back in 6 weeks; training. The woman working with her had been extremely excited for it too. She had talked at length about how most only came in for a new pet which required basic training; sit, stay that sort of thing. But she did set aside a few select dogs for more complicated training. In such the basics including service dog tasks were out of the way before the new owners, handler showed up. That was Bailey. Her and her new dog would be a team. They might even be a team right now and on the first day. 


Now she had a list of supplies in her saddle bag, her hands wrapped around the handles of her forearm crutches and strung through one of said handles was the loop of a teal rope dog leash. If one followed the leash they would spot at the end a dog grey in color, thin yet strong, ears flopped over, soon to point up as the pup grew. The creature was a classic style of male Elaysian dog similar to the Earth Great Dane. The Elaysian dog was built almost as if it was a miniature version of a horse, built to run. Currently it reached Sheila’s knees but at full grown, at the year mark in about 6 more months, would reach between her hips and waist. 


Soon enough the pair stood at the door to Sheila’s quarters. Once inside the dog's leash was uncliped. Not a moment too soon did the young pup go racing through the living room then around the kitchen table. They nearly knocked over her stone fruit bowl. On the second lap they practically slammed into the counter sending one of her round fruit tumbling to the floor. 


Bailey: Hey! Slow down. Come here… come here…. 


The dog stopped, sat and looked at Sheila, their head held sideways. 


Bailey: I’m sorry I don’t have a name for you yet. 


The thin dog practically disappeared running around from the kitchen into the bedroom. Sheila was about to follow when out of nowhere they appeared again. Dragging behind them was one of her knitted blankets. 


Bailey: I guess you're trying to help. That’s your job huh? 


Carefully Sheila bent down to sit on the floor. Her dog, yeah her dog took that as a cue to put his head in her lap. Gosh was he cute at six months. Cute and soft. Perfect for petting. 


Bailey: I should give you a name shouldn’t I? Dragon? Okay not that one. What about Jupiter? Pluto? ::The dog lifted his head looking totally uninterested in each option:: Okay. I get it. They are a bit silly. ::Sheila continued to stroke the top of the dog’s head:: You need a name that is strong. What about Hamlet or Loki? ::The dog only put their head back in the woman’s lap. Either they were growing tired as puppies do or uniquely uninterested in each option:: No, no. You’re right I can’t name you after some character. Alistair. Alistair. ::The name was said in Elaysian sounding quite different from the other suggestions:: It means warrior or helper. 


With the final suggestion Alistair sat up completely on alert. That must have been it. The correct name or at least the name that meant the most. Of course it was. With a name that meant warrior, helper or even defender of the people. Alistair was the perfect reminder of why he was here. He was strong so she herself could be strong. Just from him dragging about her blanket, for her, it was obvious he was born to be of service; a bit more training and they would be set. There was no doubt that Sheila and Alistair would make a fine pair. Alistair was going to be the best service dog in training, the best companion. He might even be considered a respectable medical officer.


Lieutenant Sheila Bailey

Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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6 Month Elaysian puppy.jpg
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