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Disaster Strikes As Crew of Constitution Begin Team-Building Exercises

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ENDAASI — Splitting up into three teams, the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC 9012-B) set off on three different team-building exercises. All orchestrated by a joint effort between Cmdr. Alex Blair and their Endaasi hosts.

With the full support of Commodore Jalana Rajel, Blair capitalized on the unscheduled shore leave time to run the exercises to help the crew become a more cohesive unit. Each group would be set on a unique journey, all laced in the history and culture of the Endaasi people. One team, led by Rajel herself, would go on the famous ‘Wild Walker’ nature hike. The second, led by the ship’s doctor and second officer LtCmdr Edward Spears, embarked on a journey exploring a vast series of caves. The last team, led by Blair, set forth on a uniquely crafted scavenger hunt.

As the exercises began, things were going just as planned. The groups worked together, accomplishing their tasks while learning about the planet and its like-named people. Soon, though, things changed. Each team felt the ground shake. The gentle, while unsettling, tremor soon turned to something much more serious, full of earthquakes. Luckily the quakes did not last too long, and from observations on the ground did not cause extensive damage. The team with Blair reported minor damage in their vicinity.

Because of the unforeseen disaster, a communications issue arose which for the team-building exercises was deemed to be acceptable came into play. While planning the activities with the Endaasi, Blair was informed of a compound naturally formed in the planet’s cave systems that had the potential to interfere with Starfleet communications protocol. This came to the forefront when the Constitution tried to contact Spears and his team down in the caves to ensure they were okay.

As the quakes ended, the teams did what Starfleet officers always do. They started looking for ways that they could help the Endaasi.


Written by Alex Blair

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