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USS Arrow Assigned as Patrol Ship to the Alpha Isles

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ALPHA ISLES, ALPHA QUADRANT — After a tense introduction to the area, Starfleet’s “flagship” in the Alpha Isles is to be the Federation starship USS Arrow.

While overseeing several repair efforts to Atlas Base and dealing with the ongoing refugee crisis its planetoid home has recently experienced, starship Arrow received news of even more work for her on the horizon.

Namely, the work of acting as “sheriff” to the embattled area as Starfleet Command announced last week that the newly reactivated vessel will now be assigned to the area for the foreseeable future.

The news comes as little surprise to the slightly understaffed ship, recently spearheading survey efforts of the Base’s home Theta 128, and dealing with cascading requests from the Base and refugee ships even before the official announcement.

But Atlas Base staff are dubious about the assignment, adding to an already flaring tension between long-time Base staff, some of whom even oversaw the initial construction of the Base, and the Arrow’s crew.

“We came out here to get AWAY from Starfleet,” says one Atlas Base research projects manager, who wished to go unnamed in this reporting. “Pure research, that’s what we wanted. Uncontaminated by the petty squabbles of galactic politics and the grinding gears of capitalist goals. And now this Shayne and his ship have crashed all that into our bubble here. I shudder to think how it’s going to affect the work. Even more so than it already has.”

No word yet what the ship’s first official mission as the Isle’s presence will be, but the crew reports the ship at full functionality and an eagerness to help steady the Isles to prolonged peace once more.


Written by Quentin Collins

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