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Lieutenant Artinus Serinus - Targlet acquisition

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((Main thoroughfare, Atlas Base))


((Timestamp: After the awards ceremony.))


It was inadvisable to be walking alone in uniform, especially a dress uniform, but if anyone could defend themselves,especially while not under arms, it was Lieutenant Artinus Serinus.  The tall, dark, and handsome Magna Roman had been wrestling since age five, was proficient in several other martial arts, and was among the top 10 decorated athletes in Academy history. He hadn't really got to tour the base in any unofficial capacity, and had an overwhelming desire to get the lay of the land.


In the distance, on the right, was a Klingon child of about 10, probably a girl from their clothing, standing behind a box.  As he got closer, he saw writing on the box in Klingon, that said "Free to good home" He could now hear the cacophony of tiny grunting coming from the box.


oO Baby Targs?Oo

He approached the child, a girl he was now certain of it.


Artinus: Greetings young warrioress, are you giving away targ babies?

Klingon girl:  Yes, Father says that we can't afford to feed them now that they are weaned.

Can't afford them? Why wasn't he making her sell them? Perhaps he shouldn't look a gift Targ in the mouth. But he felt sorry for the kid and het family nonetheless. He made a mental note to track down the family and bring some replicated meals.

He looked down in the box spying three spiky piglets, each with course black and white fur. He leaned down and very gingerly picked one, the runt, up. He gave it a quick look over to access it's health, then checked it's sex. It was a female, which would be ideal. Targs were possibly aggressive enough, without the extra testosterone.


Serinus: What breed are these?

Klingon girl: Miniature swordbacks.

Serinus: I don't know that breed, I assume they are a pet breed?


After all, why would a hungry family give up a potential meal or three?


Klingon girl: That is correct. 

Serinus: This girl ::holding up the targlet:: does she have a name?

Klingon girl: Father said that we shouldn't name the runt. They die a lot in that breed.

The horrors of selective breeding. Still, this tiny targlet had survived. Thankfully, he had seen the memo on preapproval for all reasonable pets. He'd bring her aboard tonight, and file the paperwork when he got to his personal P.A.D.D.


Serinus: ::giving a small smile downwards:: I'll take her. Thank you!

Klingon girl: Could I say goodbye first?

Serinus: Sure!


He handed her carefully to the child, who scratched the targlet's head, and told her to be brave, and good, and then handed her back over.


Serinus: She'll have a good home, I promise.

The girl smiled this time.

Klingon girl: Thank you, sir.


He cradled his new pet in his left arm, and waved to the girl.


Serinus: Q'apla!

Klingon girl: Q'apla!




Lieutenant Artinus Serinus

Chief Security Officer

 USS Arrow,  NCC-69829

 Publicity Team/Social Media Team


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