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Crew of USS Resolution Discover Non-Corporeal Entity

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BORDERLANDS REGION — The crew of the USS Resolution (NCC-78145) discovered a non-corporeal entity living in the computer core of the USS Unity.

The Resolution recently found the Unity, a Constitution-refit class Federation starship presumed lost nearly fifty years ago, in an area of the Borderlands. To aid in support, the Resolution dispatched an away team to restore power to the Unity, awakening the dormant creature which took control of the ship and opened fire on the Resolution.

At several points during the altercation, the entity displayed the ability to contact some telepathic members of the crew, manifesting in the form of hallucinations. The crew of the Resolution then attempted telepathic communication with the entity to discover its intentions.

“While it was technically not the First Contact, there was an awareness that we were connecting with the creature in a way no one had previously attempted,” explained Ensign Meidra Sirin, a Vulcan/El-Aurian serving as the Resolution’s counsellor, who contacted the non-corporeal being. “The experience is one that will stay with this crew, hoping one day, we will achieve a more complete communication,”

The team members discovered that the entity was trying to get back to its home, but found itself stuck in the Unity’s computer core, unable to make sense of the ship’s systems. The crew of the Resolution identified the Celendi Nebula as a suitable new home for the creature. While the damage to the Unity meant it could not make the trip under its own power, the Resolution towed the vessel into the nebula, where the entity vacated the ship peacefully without incident.

The shell of Unity was then towed back to Starbase 118.

Information about the creature’s habitation will be downloaded and analyzed, and the ship itself will be decommissioned.


Written by Addison MacKenzie

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