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Lt. JG Ganarvuss: Why is there a snack bar if everyone is too busy yapping to eat anything?


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OMG! I laughed so hard at this title it about made me cry. Chin'toka is having our awards ceremony and the awards are nearing the end. I will let the sim tell the rest of the story:

((Officer's Mess, Deck 11, USS Chin’toka))

((Time Index: Day 27 of Shoreleave))

((OOC: All thoughts and opinions strictly IC.))


Ilana was relieved that the party seemed to be winding down. Now that awards had been handed out, there couldn’t possibly be more official business. She could loiter for five minutes before making a discreet exit. She was about to make her way back over to the refreshment table when another voice spoke above the crowd.


RAdm. Kove: Not so fast Commander Thoran. ::She looked over to Serala.:: Commander Serala, I believe there is one box remaining, may I have it please?


RAdm. Kove: Commander Jarred Thoran, for sustaining an injury in the line of duty, you are hereby awarded the Purple Heart. I would like to remind you that Starfleet Command does not wish to get into the habit of awarding it’s commanding officers this decoration.


Ganarvuss: oO Right. I should’ve remembered that injuries earn a ribbon of their own. Now I can go grab another one of those scrumptious scones. Oo


Thoran: Thank you Admiral. Unless I am mistaken, that ties me with Commander Raga now.


Raga: Well, looks like that just means I have to go earn some more.


Serala: Sir, considering how many he has received, I am not sure that is something you want to brag about.


Any:  response


RAdm. Kove: I believe Captain Whittaker, you have a few words you would like to say?


The snack bar was beckoning and Ilana was starting to get exasperated. Did these things ever end?


Whittaker: Good evening everybody and thank you Rear Admiral for the opportunity to present this most auspicious of commendations. ::he nodded demurely to the diminutive-yet-intimidating flag officer. Then he swept his gaze out at the faces of those assembled.:: For those of you who may not yet know, I served with Commander Thoran on two starships- the Blackwell and the Columbia. I feel immensely privileged to have done so. Your Commanding Officer is a man of principle and honour- devoted to the ideals of the United Federation of Planets, tenets that he upholds like nobody else I have encountered throughout the course of my career. ::he turned to Thoran with a proud, fraternal smile and placed one hand on the man's shoulder.:: You're about to embark on the next chapter of what I am certain is going to be a long and illustrious career and you have one of the finest crews in Starfleet today to support you. But gaining a new ship is not enough. ::he drew in a breath and he broke out into a grin.:: Something more is needed. ::he removed his hand from Jarred's pocket and fished out the rosewood box he had been carrying.:: Jarred Thoran it with immense pride that I hearby promote you to the rank of Captain, with all of the duties, rights and responsibilities therein. ::he pressed the box into Thoran's hands.:: Congratulation, Captain Thoran.


Ilana blinked twice rapidly and shook her head as she processed Whittaker’s speech. Commander to Captain. Well, if Starfleet said so. Thoran seemed capable, if not the best judge of character. Ilana joined in the applause and began sidling toward the snack bar.


Thoran: Response


Journs: Congratulations, sir!


Anyone: Response


Raga: Let’s hear it for Captain Jarred Thoran! Hip Hip Hurray!!


Journs: ::loudly:: Hear, hear!


Ilana continued moving towards the refreshments, clapping the whole way. She had only been a noise maker when actively cheering on her teammates. All this fanfare without action grated on her. Recognition was fine, but pomp and circumstance were just… a waste of time.


Anyone: Response.


Raga: Speech! ::He took a few steps back and nudged the Human forward gently clearly not caring if he had to warp manifolds later:: 


Ganarvuss: oO Oh for the love of Mike! Oo


She’d almost made it. Ten more feet and she’d be enjoying a scone. Maybe if she just took it real slow, no one would notice her moving. She glanced up at Thoran and stopped, ready to listen to whatever he had to say.


Thoran: Response


Any: response 




Lieutenant J.G.

Ilana Ganarvuss

Acting Chief of Security

USS Chin’toka






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