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Surprise Avalanche Buries Geological Surveying Team

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ANDORIA — A large avalanche in the northern reaches of the Andorian Highlands has trapped a team of four scientists, all now missing in the snowdrift. Search and Rescue party launches.

The team, led by Dr. Talak of the Andoria Imperial Academy, a renown geophysicist, was surprised by an immense avalanche that at its peak brought forth winds of little over 110 km/h. The four men, of which two Andorians, a Tellarite, and a Human remain buried beneath the sizeable amount of snow that came from the avalanche. Investigation is ongoing, with the aid of a Starfleet search team.

The captain of the search party, Biochemist and Mountain Rescue expert Dr Nathan Boss, brief officials today on updates from the mountainside.

“Communications are still non-existent.” Dr. Boss spoke at his first report to the press. “Data shows that they lost all means of radio signalling from the Avalanche’s enormous snowcap. It is uncertain whether the four are still alive. We will make our best efforts in finding them.”

The interest of Starfleet in the investigation of Dr. Talak’s team accident surprised Andoria Police officials. However, Dr. Boss showed that while Talak had ascended under Academy orders, Starfleet Science is interested in the results Dr. Talak may have gained. Losing Talak is therefore a back blow into several ongoing research projects, specifically into Andoria’s troubled tectonic activity.

“Andoria has seen shifts in its tectonic outlay for several years now. It is important for Andorians and Starfleet to know the implications of these tectonic shifts, especially pertaining to natural disasters such as quakes and volcanic eruptions. Seismological surveys show that the mantle of Andoria is presenting several signs of hazardous shifts. Avalanches like this might become more of a problem.”

Dr. Ivask, an Andorian specialised in the species anatomy, had reservations when asked by FNS what the team’s chances of survival were.

“Although we are very sufficient in surviving at very low temperatures, the lack of air might be what will endanger the lives of Dr. Talak and his peers. Even if they have found shelter in a natural cave, which would not be unlikely, the lack of food and water might still break them up. The best hope lies not only in finding them fast but also in getting them out of their spot safely and then assess the damage to the system.”

Dr. Boss has already requested for two Starfleet shuttles to survey from the air, using their sensors to detect any life signs beneath the ice. Andorian search teams are also being assembled, with the Academy sending their own investigators alongside Starfleet.

More on this story as it develops.

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