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USS Atlantis Recalled To Earth After An Extended Stay At Illara Prime

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ILLARA PRIME, PAR’THA EXPANSE — The USS Atlantis (NCC-74682) has departed Illara Prime for the Jentaris Corridor and onto Earth, following a sudden recall. Emotions appear to be high in anticipation of the visit to the homeworld of the Federation.

“Thoran to the Bridge. Recall all crew and prepare to depart for Earth.” Those were the orders given to the bridge of the Atlantis and ninety-minutes later, the ship departed.

The crew enjoyed some much-needed relaxation and downtime following the events of the Freeworlds’ Trade Conference. However, not everyone had fun during this shore leave period.

Reports mentioned the kidnapping of two of the crew of the Atlantis — Ensigns Lephi and Elizabeth Snow — along with 1st Lt. Wes Greaves from the USS Thor (NCC-82607). Rumours claimed it was an attempt to obtain a ransom for their exchange, however, the trio made a rather daring escape and are reportedly doing well.

Lt. Esa Kiax, now Assistant Chief of Operations, received several visitors in her office following seperation from her wife and Chief of Security. Such an outpouring of support is rather telling of the familial relationship this crew had with each other.

In addition, in a break from the ship’s routine, Cmdr. Jared Thoran promoted Ens. Ilana Ganarvuss to Lt. JG. while simultaneously appointing her as the Acting Chief of Security. LtCmdr. Serala, ship’s First Officer, reported that the Captain was already considering Ganarvuss for promotion, and the need for the position required the immediacy of the act.

Other activities noted among the members of the crew included a skeet shooting tournament, new friendships made, and personal training in the holodecks.

The ship is scheduled to arrive at Earth in the next few days, and all are eager to learn the reason for their sudden recall. As always, we will bring you more on this story as we receive the details.


Written by Serala

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