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Lt. Commander Samira Neathler - Little Sami was here


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(( Shuttle Bay II - USS Triumphant ))

The USS Triumphant. It wasn’t the first time the ship came to a dire needed rescue. Not surprisingly considering who was commanding the ship. The first time Samira set foot on the vessel, she unexpectedly reunited with her brother Marlon. Right here, in this particular shuttle bay. She walked in seeking some solitude after everything that happened on Trueno, not really looking for any company. A mug with cold milk in her hand, she slowly walked towards the back of the bay and sat down on a crate. Trying not to hinder any of the working crew.

After exiting the transporter room a few hours ago, she neglected the suggestion of the Ensign adressing her in the corridor, to go to Sickbay. The place would already be swamped with people to begin with. She was more concerned about the welfare of the other crew members still on the planet. So she practically dragged the Ensign towards a console where together they could figure out who already beamed on board and who was still playing tag with the dinosaurs. With some relief, she read that the first team to come on board was the team of the Admiral, so at least she knew the senior command officers were in safety.

Next to beam on the ship, had been the team visiting the aquatic exhibits under the command of the Chief Ops. Yet she panicked when the team originally visiting the petting area lacked a person, namely doctor Genkos Adea. Surely the good doctor hadn’t changed into Lieutenant Commander Sevo during the transportation? Strange transporter accidents like that didn’t happen, right? It wasn’t until the Ensign finally figured out that the Gorkon had recalled the doctor for some urgent reason that she relaxed somewhat. At least all the Gorkon crew had returned safely, maybe not unharmed, but they were all accounted for.

The people working for the BetaGen Inc. was another matter, however. The USS Triumphant had no lists of who escaped the asteroid, so they had to go on the different life signatures to beam up any of the remaining BetaGen employees. Samira wanted to return to the transporter room and give the people there a hand, but it wasn’t until the Ensign finally had the nerve to speak up and tell her she’d do more harm than good in her current state, that she finally gave in and walked towards the assigned crew quarters on deck 2. By the time she reached the place, she was shivering in her still damp clothes.

The first thing she did in the petite area, compared to her own quarters, was replicate a new set of clothes before she headed straight for the shower. She had no idea how long she had stood there in the confined space of the sonic shower. Sometimes her eyes closed, yet wide open when the images of the dinosaurs became a bit too real. Only dressed in the bathrobe, she walked towards the bunk bed. In any normal situation, she would have opted for the top bed but she was too tired to jump or climb, nor did she know if they assigned someone else to the same quarters so she opted for the lower bed and get some much needed sleep.

Or that was the idea. Laying on her back or her bruised left side, didn’t seem an option, and after gazing into the darkness for half an hour, she gave up. She exchanged the bath robe for the uniform, ordered a mug of milk at the replicator and headed for deck 3, the shuttle bay. And here she was, sipping of the cold milk, leaning with her not bruised shoulder against the bulkhead. She pulled up her knees to her chest, placing the half empty mug on the crate beside her, her thoughts drifting to the conversation she had with her brother in this very same location, for over a year ago. And this time, it didn’t take long before she finally drifted off to sleep.

Chief of Security&Tactical
USS Gorkon
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