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Gorkon Crew Trapped As Ion Storm Hits BetaGen Concept Park “Dinosauria”

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ASTEROID TRUENO, BRATAX SYSTEM — The BetaGen inspired prehistoric theme park has lost contact with the communication subnet in the Bratax System. Last known reports from the park are an alert for an incoming ion storm, which has since knocked out a large section of the park’s infrastructure and operational systems.

Tasked with investigating the new BetaGen inspired prehistoric scientific marvel, “Dinosauria”, the crew of the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) has since lost contact with the communication network and their vessel.

In an emergency message transmitted only moments before the park’s silence, Operator Gander Yow of the internal structure operations centre informed, “An ion storm is overhead, the weather systems can’t breach it. Oh… Are they breaching contain—”

All attempts to communicate with the park have since failed, and Federation authorities can launch no emergency services until the dangerous ion storm around the asteroid has cleared. Scientific analysis by a nearby weather station on Bratax reports that the storm has affected a wide area of the system surrounding the asteroid and poses a hazard for any starship in the area. Freighters heading for the park have maintained a position at multiple service points while waiting on further updates.

Prior to the ion storm spreading across the entire asteroid, messages communicated between the surface and the communication network of Bratax reported the crew of the Gorkon had split into four teams covering the fundamentals of the park structure — paddocks of herbivore and carnivore dinosaurs, aquatic exhibits, the state-of-the-art scientific facility, and the enclosure pens involving a petting zoo. While operators of the park kept a close eye on proceedings, the emergency transmitted message from Yow suggests there is a containment breach of the dinosaurs onto the terraformed surface.

“If containment has breached, I hope the crew managed to get to safety in time,” expressed Doctor Oliver Gaff, senior scientist working for Stellar Elite Coporation in conjunction with BetaGen, who has spent time on Trueno. “Emergency procedures should step in and we have built contingencies. Most of the animals will not deviate from their routines unless disrupted, then we might see… dramatic changes… in typical captivity behaviour.”

Coorg, the CEO of BetaGen and a former leading archaeologist of Ferengi artifacts and colony worlds, is out of reach for comment at this time, however, the CEO gave a press conference prior to the Gorkon’s visit.

“We are bringing an alternative source of entertainment, science and fascination to the Federation. Naturally, we want to comply with Federation standards of safety and security, which is why our offer extended to Starfleet to conduct their own inspection, upon which we will act on their advice.”

Fresh reports from the Gorkon, under the temporary command of Lieutenant Commander Caedan Nkai, have found the missing freighter SS Vikartindur adrift in space near to the Bratax system with heavy damage reported to a large added section of the vessel. A local zoology centre has received word of a sighted Gormagander with another possibly in the same vicinity. The Gorkon continues the search while a small away team investigates the issue on the freighter. 


Written by Jo Marshall

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