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Commander Geoffrey Teller - A Form for All Seasons


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Shared for you all without context, due only @Geoffrey Teller could make this hilarious.



((USS Thor - XO's Office))
Walking back from the replicator with two mugs, Geoff sat at his desk, smiled at the vexing gift he'd recently been given, and temporarily put it aside so he could fill out some routine, tedious PADDwork.  His first sip of coffee did not mix especially well with his second sip of Vulcan herbal tea, and he ended up pushing both mugs away with a scowl as he found the appropriate form in the database.  
To:  Kells, A, Flt. CPT, CO/USSTHOR
From: Teller, G.J, Cmdr, XO/USSTHOR
SUB:  RE:  Form 2838911-E-11/Hosting Non-Corporeal Intelligence/Misc.
  Pursuant to guidelines laid out in regulations 8194-J, 1119-R and 12, the following form has been filled out for your review and sign-off for the ships log.
  Form 2838911-E-11 
  1. Name, rank and position of possessed/hosting party or parties:  Geoffrey John Teller, Commander, First Officer, USS Thor
  2. Name, rank (if applicable,) species (if known/applicable), of non-local entity:  Sern of Vulcan
  3. Nature of possession (check all that apply):  Technological implant:, haunted candle:, symbiotic life form:, parasitic life form (if checked must fill out appendix J):, extra-dimensional telepathic influence:, other: X
  4. If "other" is selected, describe in 100 words or less:  Damned Vulcan nonsense if you ask me.  
On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being 'no impact at all' and 10 being 'All Hail the Brain Slug!' rate how this possession will impact the performance of your duties:  2
Based on your interactions with the possessing intelligence, how likely are you to do any of the following:
1.  Plot against the Federation:  Not likely.
2.  Engage in a romantic relationship:  Not likely.  
3.  Engage in a sexual relationship (if 'likely' appendix R must be filled out and reviewed by Starfleet Medical personnel):  NO!!!
4.  Plot against the Federation (just double-checking):  No dammit!  
5.  Spontaneously learn to play a musical instrument:  Uhh...can I skip this one?  
Have you experienced any of the following?  (Y/N) Strange Food Cravings: Y Invasive Flashbacks: Y Headaches: Y Dizziness: Y, Nausea: Y, Incontinence: No comment, Hair Loss: N, Radical Salamandering:?!
Can the possessing intelligence be removed without harm to any involved parties:  Not presently, pursuing specialist consultation.  Form 889-K submitted.  
Complete the section below and sign before submitting to your Commanding Officer.  
"I, the undersigned, hereby certify that I am of sound mind(s) and can continue to perform the duties to which I have been assigned with a minimum of disruption."
Signature or equivalent of Hosting Party: Geoffrey John Teller
Signature or equivalent  of Additional Intelligence(s) (add lines below as needed):  Asenara
Thank you for your time, sir,
Geoffrey John Teller
Content it was as ready as it could be, Geoff sent it off to the Captain and continued about his day, only briefly distracted by the stray idea of heading to the galley for a large bowl of the blandest soup they had.
[End Paddwork for Teller]
((OOC:  Just a fun little one to wrap shoreleave with.  I'll be catching up on any open tags in the next day or so!  Thanks Vikings!))
Commander Geoffrey Teller
Executive Officer
USS Thor - NCC 82607
Fleet Captain A. Kells, Commanding


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