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Unmanned Tholian Station Appears In The Shoals

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THURA SYSTEM — The Colonial Coalition Marshals Service has ordered USS Veritas to investigate the appearance of an unmanned Tholian station. An initial investigation determined the station had drifted into the Shoals of its own volition, powered down and lacking weapon capabilities.

It was reported by civilian traders making their way through the Thura system to Havley’s Hope. Marshals have sent the USS Veritas (NCC-95035) to investigate and quietly ‘push’ the station back into Tholian space. Meanwhile, the CCMS prepares for the possibility of a large scale Tholian conflict.

“Given the nature of the incident, we don’t expect any conflict with Tholian vessels,” reported LtCmdr. Kinan Venroe. “When Tholians are involved, however, Starfleet and the Colonial Coalition simply cannot risk being unprepared. We expect Veritas to put the station back on a course to Tholian space, and to monitor the Gallipoli sector until such time all parties are certain the region is not in danger of a Tholian incursion.”

The Thura system sits on the border between the Shoals and the Tholian Assembly and is notorious in the region for the mysterious disappearance of Starfleet Ranger Lieutenant Kehive na-Soldim in 2395. Though the Colonial Coalition has a dedicated line to mark the edge of Shoals space, there is no information regarding where the Tholians believe their territory begins. This prompted local conspiracy theories suggesting Tholian scouts had kidnapped na-Soldim.

The tension between the Tholians and the Federation has been high since the destruction of Astrofori One in 2395. To ensure merchants can travel through the region safely, the Coalition instituted a noise restriction in the area, requiring all vessels to travel through the Thura system with minimal power to avoid attracting the attention of the Tholian Assembly. Since na-Soldim’s disappearance, any ship with mechanical failures of significant calibre has been abandoned in the area.

“We have once again ruled the Thura system off-limits to civilian vessels,” Marshals spokesperson Saeyai Jea sent in a statement to FNS. “We have ordered all trading and cargo vessels to seek alternative routes, effective immediately.”


Written by Sky Blake

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