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How do I change my email?

Dave Shark

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Hello my dear colleagues. I hope you are all very well, both your person and your family.

My question is quite specific, I wanted to know if I can change my email by assigning my groups and identification?

I do not know if it will be very complicated but I would like to ask the question to know if someone can guide me regarding this point because I use my personal email to register, but I use this email for my professional, personal, etc.

I want to open a new google email just for my sim with her name and others but first I want to know if after April it won't be a big problem to change my assigned email.

Be careful, I clarify: my mentor is a super kind person and has helped me a lot in many things! Thank you for your great work!!! but I think some other Ensing may need this information


Dave shark
Tactical Officer
Uss Janeau
Author Id J239708DS0

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Quite easy – just create the address you want and let your CO know and they will facilitate the change. 

Here on the forums you go to your settings and you'll be able to update it. If you have any trouble just email me at t.wolf@starbase118.net from your current/old address and let me know your new address and I'll update it for you. 

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