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Are Modern Vulcans Refusing To Engage In Ritualistic Pon Farr To Pursue Career Goals?

Federation News Service

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FNS reporter Dresdon P. Mitchell explores the modern issues concerning rituals and rites of Vulcans.

In a previous special report, I discussed how the modern youth of Vulcan are focusing more on their career advances, rather than partaking in their seven-year mating ritual, pon farr and how they’re combating the neurochemical imbalances associated with the ritual.

However, is it just medicine that’s allowing them to fight these urges?

Because of the environment and temperature slowly falling after the atomic war, a Vulcan meteorologist has been studying with a Human pharmacist in determining these unnatural weather patterns. They feel that the enzymes or amino acid enzymes in the new Terran plant affected the chemical reactions and caused an imbalance with what the young adult Vulcans are using to combat their urges.

“After the atomic war, the temperature has dropped over the years and with the fallout, growing Terran plants on Vulcan has changed the genealogy makeup,” said Selok, a Betazoid/Vulcan hybrid Genealogist said.

The older generation is rejecting these claims as false and illogical since they haven’t refused the ritual. When asked if they have tried the plant, they refused to comment on the matter for they feel that pon farr should not be discussed so freely.

A Vulcan Neurologist created a prototype to act as a substitute, which is a responsive neuro-destimulation device that might help both sides of the quarreling generations come to a more logical agreement. The doctor informed me of this new technology when she turned toward a holographic display of the process where she placed a small device under the scalp.

“This device senses when the cortical levels rise and fall causing serotonin levels to become unbalanced which the brain’s regulatory system shuts down.” Doctor T’pra, the neurologist said as the display continued forward in motion. “A brief electrical pulse stops the cortical levels almost immediately, right when it rises to prevent the sudden drop.”

Initial tests on patients were coming up with non conclusive results because the device wasn’t able to bring the levels to the balance which would cause microbes to trigger pon farr prematurely. As there were many ways to prematurely trigger pon farr, so adding another way for it to happen only causes raised unfascinating eyebrows of concern.

Meanwhile, the young revolutionists have started a campaign with the pharmaceutical companies to get the Terran plant infused within neural transducers and marketed out to the masses.

“It only seems logical and practical for us,” said another Vulcan, who wished to remain anonymous, such as the first one in the previous article. “Trying to persuade a Vulcan with these urges to not act on pon farr with me without my consent is not agreeable. With these alternative medicines, our people can advance on new scientific discoveries.”

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