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Poll of the Week: Exploring New Genres And Boldly Going Where No Trek Show Has Gone Before

Genkos Adea

Poll of the Week: Exploring New Genres And Boldly Going Where No Trek Show Has Gone Before  

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  1. 1. Would you like to see a new genre of Star Trek show set in the universe?

    • Starfleet General Medical (General Hospital)
    • Line of Klingon Duty (Police procedural)
    • Starfleet Horror Story (American Horror Story anthology)
    • Starfleet HQ (The Office style mockumentary)
    • Other! Leave a comment and dazzle with your ideas!

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Each series of Star Trek has explored different genres of television, veering from deep and meaningful dramas (In the Pale Moonlight), outright comedy (any Ferengi episode), philosophical quandaries (Let That Be Your Last Battlefield) to even ghost stories (but let’s not mention Sub Rosa, eh?) whilst all remaining within the same overall genre of space opera. Heck, TOS did a western (as did TNG now I come to think about it).

With the addition of an animated comedy to the Trek canon, and an upcoming children’s show, it would appear that exploring different genres within the Trek universe is the way to go if you’re making a new show. What sorts of show would you like to see? Perhaps a medical show in the vein of General Hospital, but set at Starfleet Medical? A police procedural set on Qo’nos, the Klingon homeworld? Perhaps an anthology show like American Horror Story, but set in different points of Starfleet’s history? A mockumentary like the Office, but at Starfleet HQ (don’t lie, you’d love to see Commodore Oh’s Jim Halpert face)?

Would you like one of these shows, or perhaps something different?

Let us know in the comments and let’s hope nobody nicks them to make a kick-[...] show!


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I originally thought Star Trek: Law and Order would be funny, but the more I think about it the more I think this style of show would work really well with Star Trek - and has already lent itself to some of the best episodes.

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@Thalas th’Koro that would be amazing! I like to imagine it would be like the Even Stevens musical episode. 

I like the idea of both Starfleet Horror Story and Starfleet HQ. Though I'd also be very interested in a Star Trek Firefly that would focus on a freighter like the SS Xhosa, making deals with Orion Syndicate types, dive bars, cargo runs, dealing with people like those in TNG "Gambit", Maquis, etc.

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I voted for Line of Klingon Duty, but really I want to see something like Miami Vice with Klingons,  or the typical buddy-cop aspect. One the rookie new cop, the other the grizzled old warrior a week away from honoured retirement 😂

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