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USS Veritas Hosts Its First On-ship Wedding

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USS VERITAS, SHOALS — Lieutenant Commanders Jansen Orrey and Raissa Moonsong become the first couple married aboard the Starfleet ship.

The marriage marks a well deserved reprieve from a two-month long stint under Operation Safe Harbor. The crew’s ultimate mission of their operational period involved re-taking a displacement-activated spore hub drive from notorious pirate Henley Marths, and the reclamation of the USS Newcastle.

In accordance with their efforts, Starfleet has sent new officers to the ship to bolster their resources in all departments and strengthen future pushes against the pirate menace of the Shoals. Those newly assigned to the ship include Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker, Lieutenant Callistra Navarro and Antero Flynn, Lieutenant JGs T’Lona and Zhanyt Lafizatar, and Ensigns Kionn Rao and Emi. Meanwhile, engineering officer Charlena Vanlith was promoted to Lieutenant, with recognition of her valiant capabilities in her department.

The fresh additions and promotions have left a buzz among the crew, isolated from the rest of Starfleet in the Shoals. The Orrey and Moonsong nuptials have Veritas officers delighted.

“The wedding was.. fascinating.”, said Lt. JG Zhanyt Lafizatar, the new science officer. “You could clearly see the devotion of each other to each other and are a great example of the commonalities of the sentients of the galaxy. May the stars scatter nothing but blessings in their path.”

They set the wedding ceremony in a Louisiana, Earth location on the Veritas holodeck. Lieutenant G’Var, previously the ship’s Search and Rescue Leader, returned to serve as Moonsong’s Maid of Honor. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix, the ship’s Chief Engineer, stood beside Orrey as his Best Man. As the procession began, Chief of Security Commander Kelrod walked Moonsong down the aisle to a traditional music track.

Fleet Captain Roshanara Rahman, commanding officer of the Veritas, married the happy couple: “Ladies and gentlemen, may I present for the first time as a married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Jansen and Raissa Orrey!”


Written by Sky Blake

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