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USS Thor Gravely Damaged, Partially Evacuated Due To Mysterious Collision

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INSIDE SLIPSTREAM — The USS Thor (NCC 82607), temporarily under the command of First Officer Lt. Cmdr. Geoffrey Teller, collided with an object of unknown origin, suffering critical damage.

The object, described by crew as a “mine”, has embedded itself within the ship and cannot be safely removed, preventing the ship from returning to normal space. At press time, over one hundred crewmen are listed as missing and presumed lost.

“I’ve been around the Corps for a hot minute now.” Taking a brief respite from their search & rescue operations, 1st. Lt. Wes Greaves, of the Starfleet Marine Corps, commented. “I’ve seen some good, and I’ve seen some bad, but this… This is different. The scale of catastrophe, and the suddenness of it, is on a whole new level. We still haven’t had time to even recover the dead.”

With less than twelve hours until their QSD drive core overloads, the pace of work to save the ship has been frantic, but the work to save the crew has been even more desperate.

Lt. Cmdr. Addison MacKenzie, the ship’s Chief Medical Officer, was elected to lead a dangerous partial evacuation of the Thor via the ship’s shuttles and runabouts. Violently tossed out of the slipstream near the Bajor system, a combined response of Starfleet and the Bajoran Defense Force recovered several hundred injured crew.

“I’m just sort of numb. I saw it happen, ya know?” Reached for comment aboard the USS Indefatigable, the ordeal visibly shook Crewman James Walsh. “The impact ripped through the deck right in front of me. It was horrible. I almost was sucked out through a hull breach… And Liz. She was right there in front of me when it happened. I can still picture her smile….”

At press time, the Thor is investigating the “mine” itself and trying to determine if the remaining skeleton crew can save the vessel before time runs out.

More on this story as it develops.


Written by Geoffrey Teller

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