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Lieutenant Quen Deena - Cut Once, Cut Deep


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Although a little late, I want to feature this sim here because it has very good qualities. To begin with, it's a sim that closes a very complex scene (and act) that had many ramifications, which is always delicate if you want to take into account everything that has been developed during dozens of sims. On the other hand, it describes an experimental medical procedure (which already has merit), in a quite descriptive and evocative way without being distasteful (which, in my opinion, is a real achievement when dealing with medical subjects) and at the same time it succeeds in leaving tags for the other characters and NPCs present in such a way that it is not a story carried out by only one character, in the best example of collaborative writing and teamwork. An outstanding achievement @Quen Deena!



((Sickbay, Deck 10, USS Thor - Three Hours and Thirty-Seven Minutes to QSD Overload))


Quen: Catch that tentacle, Connelly. Edmond - how’s that brainwave looking?


Kerr/Wilkins/Edmond: Response


Quen: Acknowledged. Second point cleared.


Deena contorted her wrist over the advancing sheet to get a good angle on the third and final point, the glows shifting in slow synchrony to a deep, angry red. She glanced quickly from the microscopic view on the tricorder, to the tool in her hand, to the mass itself snaking up into the stasis container.


Kerr/Wilkins/Edmond: Response


Quen: Almost…


As if invoked by her words, sensors all around screamed out alarms. A quick, sudden spike in heart rate - followed immediately by a drop faster than a stone off a cliff. Part of her had been wondering when this thing would put up a fight….


Kerr/Wilkins/Edmond: Response 


Quen: Rumboldt - adrenaline - now! ::Her gaze flicked to Aren:: Laser scalpel!


The instrument’s cool, metallic casing made a distinct, hard thwack against her palm. Her eyes went back to the tricorder screen, where she could see several new tendrils shooting off of the mass, slowly snaking their way deeper into the skin. Cell by cell, moving along the path of least resistance, reaching the thin layer of subcutaneous fat, threatening the muscle…


There are two main advantages to using a laser scalpel as opposed to a more traditional nanoblade. The first being that it only cuts at its focal length, minimizing accidental injury to the user. The second - it cauterizes and cuts simultaneously. Still, it is far more judicious to make a single cut as opposed to a series, to reduce the risk of shock to the patient...


Those three little facts edged themselves to the forefront of Deena’s mind. She wasn’t exactly sure why - there were far more useful things she could be thinking of.


Two cuts would need to be made: one above, one below, meeting both at the ends, and a third point beneath the skin. A small angle, between ten and fifteen degrees - coming in just below where the tendrils would be in two… one…


Again, in two.. one...


Had it been an hour? Or a second?


Deena couldn't quite tell.


The entire ship - hell, her entire universe centered on this one whirring device in the palm of her hand. One segment peeled back from the other, edges red with sealed blood vessels and instantly-singed flesh. The line opened up, moving in a curve from one side to the other and back again until, at last, the strange disc itself floated free, held fast by the mass suspended in the protoplaser field.


The glow within flashed white, the mass rippling as it retreated within the safety of itself. In the right direction, thank the Prophets… Deena held the protoplaser steady until Connelly had had the chance to close the field in the container and seal the door over the end.


Kerr/Wilkins/Edmond: Response 


It was then Deena realised how quickly her own heart was beating, breath quickening and hands pulsing as she relieved them of their task. The instruments clattered to the tray - why did it seem so loud? - and disappeared almost as quickly.


Quen: Vital signs?


Deena's right hand subconsciously went to her earring as Aren read off the sensor data in a cool, almost detached voice. Her thumb braced behind, the rest curled over the clasp and chain hard enough to leave a slight indent. She mumbled a quick thanks before speaking again.


Quen: Once her pressure comes down, go ahead and start bringing her out of stasis, and prep for surgery. There's a lot of tissue damage we'll need to repair. ::the Vulcan gave a crisp, albeit slow nod:: And Mister Kerr?


Rumboldt: Unconscious, but stable. Should I wake him?


Quen: Not yet - give him another dose of the cortical analeptic. Let him sleep it off a bit, he’s earned it.


Edmond/Wilkins: Response 


Deena's combadge chirped in interruption.


Teller:  =/\= Teller to Quen - Doctor, our patient is doing well and Doctor Alieth is...recovering.  How's yours?  =/\=


Deena tapped the device and re-folded her arms.


Quen:  =/\= Private Graham is going to need surgery, but the biomass has been successfully excised, sir. =/\=


Teller:  =/\= Outstanding Doctor, carry on.  How is Crewman Kerr holding up?  He'll be essential to removing the larger threat. =/\=


Quen:  =/\= He needs time to recover, but he's held up extraordinarily well. We couldn't've done it without him. =/\=


Teller: =/\= Very well.  I'm about to talk with the rest of the senior staff.  We'll give you as much time as we can. Teller out. =/\=  


The channel fell silent. 


Wilkins/Edmond: Response 


Deena's eyes flicked back to the clear container of slowly whirling biomass, pulsing again with a clear, white light.


Quen: o0 Damn - should have told him about the brainwave… 0o


[Tag/End Act 2 for Quen]

Three Hours Remaining



Lieutenant Quen Deena 

Medical Officer 

USS Thor NCC-82607 




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