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Saboteur Aiming for Warp XV Engine Captured Aboard the USS Juneau

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LIGHTSIDE STATION — A saboteur was captured while the USS Juneau (NX-99801) was on shore leave at Lightside Station, attempting to damage the galaxy’s first Warp XV engine.

The saboteur, Ensign Frederick Hask, is charged with dereliction of duty, willful destruction of Starfleet property, and the attempted theft of Starfleet property. A spokesman for the Starfleet JAG office did not rule out the possibility of other charges which sources say were related to injuries multiple members of the Juneau crew. The affected members of the crew are expected to make a full recovery and statements have been taken.

Before docking at Lightside station, ship security personnel had performed a thorough investigation, subsequently turned over to a waiting JAG liaison.

“We’re not really equipped for this,” said an anonymous source in the JAG office, when approached for comment, “but we’ll do our best.”

The JAG Office, established earlier this year, was set up for the purpose of furthering Starfleet and Federation interests in the area, but the same official stated they hoped processing one of their own for sabotage would not be one of their first cases.

When questioned on motives, officials declined to comment on record, but documents obtained point toward professional jealousy rather than theft of secrets, though as the act occurred on the galaxy’s first Warp XV starship, no one has ruled any motive out officially.

Hask transferred via transport to Starbase 821, the nearest Starfleet facility, and is scheduled to meet with his defense council within the next week to face indictment in the coming weeks.

Engineering reports on the Juneau indicated the damage done to the Juneau by the saboteur was quickly repaired, and described by the command staff as ‘inconvenient’ but not permanent. Regardless of the relative ineptitude of the would-be saboteur, the Command staff has ordered a review of all security measures and procedures related to the Juneau.


Written by Oddas Aria

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