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(MSNPC) Park Warden M'ira - "I Love You Too"

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This mission has been a bit of a chaos, having us chased by dinosaurs every other minute, and this was some¬†really¬†good writing of @Caitr√≠ona Cayne¬†describing it all!¬†ūüćĽ
((Control Center, Asteroid Trueno, Bratax System))
After sustaining an injury trying to open the doors to the operations facility inside the control district, Ensign Bavo was successful in her attempts and one by one the group was able to slide through the narrow crack which had been opened - but a Dilophosaurus' head followed.
Lt. Commander Sevo fought back and was able to disorientate the beast by punching it in the side of the head, forcing a momentary retreat back outside. This gave the group enough time to push the doors closed fully, sealing the entrance.
Now with two injuries, Bavo's abdomen and Sevo's hand, the group needed to make their way to a medical station before moving on to find weapons. Feeling a little anxious just standing around, M'ira pointed in the direction of the emergency medical station - trying to prompt everyone to go.

M'ira: Let's get to the emergency medical station first and make our way towards the weapons locker. From there it would be an even shorter run to the control room. How does that sound to you?

And so they did move on. Slowly they walked through the entrance hall of the facility, past a security checkpoint and finally they took a right down a hallway which displayed their shining glory for now - a red cross.

Duyzer led the team forward, M'ira tried to keep to the back of the group. She was always watching, listening out for anything that might be a cause for alarm. Finally, they made their way past double doors and stepped into the medbay - she faced the hallway, stepping backwards as she let the door close in front of her.
Sevo: Well, s---.  
Turning around to face the others, she was able to now see the disarray that had fallen upon the medbay. It looked like it was completely ransacked - it only caused her more reason to be alarmed. "Why did this happen?" "Who would do this?" Her mind filling with such questions.

Bavo: I’m sure something’s here that we can use.

M’ira: I hope so, for your sake. ::She spoke with a nod in Bevo's direction. Her gentle purring p's and hissing s's more prominent as she whispered her words.::

Duyzer: ::he whispered:: We should get what we need and leav- ::he heard something, and held his breath::
There was a noise, a crunch of glass which was being pressed into the ground by an unseen force. She held her arm up instinctively to make sure the others stayed quiet for now. Turning her head, while her body remained completely still - she tried to glance around to the direction of the noise. A light flashed in the same direction coming from the science officers torch.
There was a moment of silence before the chaos ensued. A Dilophosaurus had burst into their view out of nowhere as it launched itself onto a counter as the already misplaced equipment shattered and cracked off the ground as if a collection of pans in a kitchen had fallen to the ground.
With a loud shriek, the creature had been joined by another member of its pack which gave a much softer reply to its partner.

Sevo: Um...run?

Duyzer: ::he stumbled over his own words before blurting it out:: RUN!

Bavo: Where?!
M'ira: Remain calm, and if they move towards you - try to run towards me.
M'ira wanted to position herself in the group where the creatures would need to pass her first to get to them, however the way they initially entered the room put her at the back. She stepped slowly forward but noticed the lingering eye of one the Dilophosaurus shift in her direction.
She remained still for a moment, her arms raised and out as if she was surrendering, although she was only trying to make herself look bigger and scarier. The others seemed to shift and she tried to follow with them, stepping forward each time she did - if anything she was getting closer to the dinosaurs, who moved along with them - like a game of chess, who was going to fall first?
One of the dinosaurs stepped closer, advancing towards the group and then she heard running and could see the shape of Duyzer running towards the entrance behind her. The other two remained frozen where they stood, the dinosaurs didn't seem to be alarmed yet by one of their prey running, and why would they when three of them remained in front of them? 

Sevo: ::whispering:: I have an idea, but you’re not going to like it. We need that one to charge.
She looked at the one Sevo was pointing, but her eyes still stayed fixed on the dinosaurs - not wanting to ever give them a chance to jump them when they glanced away. All she could do right now was trust that these officers knew what they were doing. She would have preferred they backed out of the room and ran to weapons storage but if they had a plan to deal with this now - well, who was she to interfere.
She heard the door open from behind as the others moved back - maybe they were just going to do what she had hoped after all? She stepped backwards, just as she entered, she exited the same way.

Duyzer: Commander?!
Duyzer shouted from behind them, but from the sound of footsteps, she could only guess he was moving closer to them again.

Bavo: Are you even sure that’ll hold them? ::Miri whispered loudly as Sevo was already putting her plan in motion::

M’ira: Whatever you are doing - I hope it works. These animals will tear us apart in seconds if you...

Sevo: Hey, ugly! Over here! ::she waved her arms back and forth furiously::
...antagonise them. She would have said - and now all she could do was hope that they would have a chance to run. A screech from in front of them came from the room and everything happened quickly. 
One of the dinosaurs leapt from inside and out into the hall but just then from the corner of her eye, M'ira saw Duyzer come into view. He launched himself towards the dinosaur holding two cables in his hands which he laid down onto the creature. There was a crackling noise and another screech from the creature - a painful one, and both the dinosaur and Duyzer dropped to the floor.
M'ira rushed forward, and luckily the man was still alive - by the gods, he was a brave man. She reached out to grabs his arms to help him get back onto his feet quickly. The partner of the not so lucky creature let out a screech of its own before making its way in their direction quickly.

Sevo: Response.

Duyzer: I don’t care- we’re gonna run.
As they began to move, the young Bajoran with the yellow adorned uniform who had made a head start before they moved towards a maintenance cart. With a quick tinker, the wheels unlocked and M'ira could see it veering slightly off to the left.

Bavo: M’ira help!
With her quick pace, the Caitian was able to move into position next to the Ensign quickly. Positioning her body slightly off centre, she slammed her shoulder into the cart with all her might, digging her lower paws into the ground as it began to move. She kept pushing and pushing as it picked up momentum - even pulling the injured officer along for a moment before she let go.
Glancing past the edge of the cart she could see the dinosaur approaching fast, she tried to push hard, faster. Finally with one last shove, stretching her upper paws against the edge - she launched herself away from the cart and sent it hurtling on its collision course towards the dinosaur.
She didn't rest to make sure that her mark was hit, instead, she turned and ran as quick as she could back to others - catching up with them just as they hit the main lobby.

Sevo: Response.

Duyzer: Where do we go?! ::he shouted, not planning to stop running::

Bavo: Weapons? Control centre command? Back to the petting zoo?
M'ira: Weapons! Right! ::She shouted - glancing back she could see the cart had flipped and the dinosaur was gone. Did it hit and retreat? She wondered.::

Sevo: Response.
As the group swayed to the right and began to run down another corridor they began to slow down - they had been running so much by now that it was understandable people needed to catch their breath, especially the injured.
Turning at the end of the corridor, led by way of the curved walls - a Dilophosaurus burst out of one of the rooms directly into their way. The Ensign upfront darted into the opening closest which led into a large mess hall, so large that there were three doubled doors leading into the hall from this corridor. 
The door next to M'ira also led into the same room but she was still at a distance to the others.

Bavo: Quick hide!

Duyzer/Sevo: response
M'ira ducked in and slid quickly under one of the tables, she could still see out as she lay prone, the dinosaur stepped into the room and then another one. She sighed - why were they always showing up in pairs?
They stopped for a moment, but she couldn't see their heads - she wondered if they were going to try sniffing them out or something but then they started making their way further away from her and countertops blocked her view of their legs.
She slid out from under the table, crouching she shifted quickly to the end of the long table and poked her head out slowly - just enough to see with one eye peeking out. On the other side of the room, she could see more doubled doors - presumably leading to the service area and kitchens. 
Realising that must be where the others had slid off to, she couldn't think of any other way to help them.
Standing up she lept onto the long table she had been hidden behind, slamming her paws down as hard as she could. The dinosaur at the back was just halfway through the doorway and stood still when it heard her.
Building up all the air she could in her lungs she let out a massive scream which erupted into the hall as a cat-like roar. The dinosaur stepped back into the kitchen and let out an equally deafening screech before launching itself in her direction. 
Moving quickly down the table, she glanced back to see the dinosaur leaping from table to table - making its way towards her and picking up its pace with every passing breath. As soon as she saw the other one tumbling into the room too, the following suit - she jumped down off the table and out into the hallway from where they came. The noise of the dinosaurs hitting into the wall as they crashed out of the room came from behind.
She looked behind to see them catching up. They were a lot quicker than she remembered. Running as fast as possible for her legs to withstand, she could feel the breeze rushing through her fur as the hat - it was always a little too big for her, inside written on the label was an S. 

((Flashback, over 30 years ago, Brentalia))

A young Caitian stalks their prey, prowling in the darkest depths of the area. Watching and being ever so careful not to alert them of her presence. She creeps closer, and closer and...
An older Caitian turns and lets out a roar, grabbing the younger one from the ground he lifts her and spins her around in his arms until the sounds of giggling are heard.

S'Terah: What is this wild beast that stalks my domain?
He puts the girl down and gets down onto his knees before ruffling her mane. His fingers gently combing through the mess it had become - and so quickly too. He sighed.
S'Terah: You need another haircut little one.
M'ira: Noooooo!
He smirked a little and took the hat off of his head before fanning himself with it.
S'Terah: Listen - if you get your haircut I'll leave you run around with the hat for awhile okay?
The child had a devilish grin form on her face as her two canine teeth came through her lips and peaked slightly. He smiled and ruffled her hair again.
S'Terah: Someday it will be even yours. You see this here - ::he flipped it over and revealed the label inside:: this is an S - the first letter in my name. Can you spell my name little one?
M'ira thought fondly about her father as she ran through the halls of the command center. Hoping that someday she would see him again, her last words to him where "I love you too". 
Running for her life, she was thankful she had said that to him.
Park Warden
BetaGen Inc.

simmed by

Ensign Caitríona Cayne
USS Gorkon
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