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[MSNPC] Juvantibus of Nimitz - We Are The Nimitz Collective

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Just plain creepy!  Love it!


((NucleaCell, USS Nimitz)) 


Almost a decade ago, the crew of the USS Nimitz had been infected with an unknown virus that the medical officers couldn’t figure out a cure from. Even going as far as using different types of medicines to combine with one another, hoping there’d be a way to slow the virus from manifesting itself. With no hope from even neighboring planets, they had to figure out something because nearing the end of their fruitless trials, nearly eighty-two percent of the Sovereign class starship had succumbed to the plague. 


Without much fortitude to live on, the former Captain’s adversary became themselves. Nothing to gain and unable to help the helpless soon overwhelmed the remaining crew, soon beginning to take their own lives. The ship’s power systems faded and soon began to drift as the life support dwindled until they drifted toward a planet’s gravitational pull which caused some sections to pull apart, then the chief scientist picked up some unusual signatures from beneath the planet as the alert rang out to abandon ship.


Trudging along the planet’s surface while in an unknown and foreign sandstorms was no easy task as the scientist had also brought along some of her own department officers and several others from different duty posts. Not many had survived the landing as they could see from the clear patches through the blinding, dirty wind that now the ship was using the planet’s atmospheric as an orbital path which they realized after finding a mining entrance that there were Borg nanoprobes keeping the Nimitz from crash landing. 


Of course it didn’t make sense, but Commander Sidney Holtz wasn’t the chief science officer for no good reason. She wanted to get to the bottom of it so she started to do some quick research and determined that the nanites were acting as some kind of healing devices as she and the crew walked further inside and began to feel better. With that kind of instant cure and satisfaction, she was determined to get back up to the ship with samples of probes that she began to experiment with back in her main medical science labs. 


Right from the start, there were issues that began to arise. Sidney developed an obsessive need to perfect anything that became a problem which fixed that problem, but then something else would come up. The nanoprobes were doing their designed functions, but would adapt to gain control of itself rather than go by Sidney’s commands. The short dark haired, caramel complexion, toned, and determined senior officer constructed a plan which never finished as the nanoprobes noticed a pattern and ended up going around what the commander did before she even thought of it. 


Ever since then, Sidney was soon enveloped into the main provider which caused the AI computer to react and change into her own consciousness. Feeding into anything that looked like they were sick, the ship began to act as if it was a sentient being. With only one mission in mind and that was to cure anything that it determined was sick and needed treatment. Even if the Nimitz itself felt it was feeling ill and needed a boost of energy by stripping away its own parts to gain another spacecraft section. 


Juvantibus was her name now. The Latin term meaning “from that which helps” and refers to in the medical context, “the process of making an inference about disease causation from an observed response of the disease to a treatment.” Her Designation being One of Twelve, Secondary Adjunct of Unimatrix Forty. 


The black, snake and leather like cables that held the top half of her body began to lower her from the former chief science office, connecting her to the lower part of her cybernetic body. As she was finally put together, Juvantibus presented a soft smile as she sort of mechanically swayed with her hips, moving her arms back and forth, approaching a monitor that displayed anything outside the ship. One of her drones had spotted a vessel that had plenty of supplies that the Nimitz Collective wanted. 


Since the ship wanted it, the Nimitz fired a couple torpedoes at the medical freighter. A direct hit both times, but the vessel was still operational. They don’t ever want to intentionally harm anyone for their mission was to assimilate and add others’ superior features into their Collective for the greater good of the Nimitz. 


Drone: ?


Juvantibus of Nimitz: ::glances upward without moving her head:: Hail them. Let the Nimitz Collective see if they will comply. ::turns with a sickening, yet sensual grin::    


Drone: ?  


Juvantibus of Nimitz: =/\= We are the Nimitz. Cut engines and prepare to be boarded to be added to the Nimitz Collective. =/\=


Sadger: ::she put on her most confident tone.:: =/\= Who are you? What do you want? We are on a mission of peace! =/\=


Juvantibus of Nimitz: =/\= Peace is the cure all. The causation from an observed response of the disease to a treatment. Your freighter will adapt to service us. 


Sadger: =/\= This is the ECS - we are on a delivery with much needed supplies to put colony worlds - =/\= 


The information the medical vessel relayed to them was perfect for the end goal. Getting to that goal was going to be either faster or slower than what was needed. Being out in space for eight years didn’t make a difference because the amount of time passed to what comes in the future was irrelevant. The Nimitz locked onto the vessel with a tractor beam. 


Juvantibus of Nimitz: =/\= We are the Nimitz. Where your culture was going is irrelevant. Your biotechnological distinctiveness will be added to our own. From this moment, you will be added to service the Collective. =/\=


Sadger: =/\= ?


Drone: ?


Juvantibus of Nimitz: =/\= Irrelevant. Lower your shields and surrender your ship. Initiating the cutting beam. =/\=


Sadger: =/\= ?


The Nimitz didn’t have a cutting beam functionality. The Borg technological weapon wasn’t any type of addon. The nanoprobes were going off on what they knew from being manufactured on a Borg Cube years before they were on the planet. Still, Juvantibus was running on programs and codes rather than thinking for herself. 


Juvantibus of Nimitz: =/\= Prepare to be boarded by the Nimitz Collective. =/\=


Sadger: =/\= ?



Juvantibus of Nimitz 

Nimitz Collective Leader

One of Twelve, Secondary Adjunct of Unimatrix 40


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