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USS Arrow Relaunch Overshadowed by Mystery and Technical Failure

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AAVARO WILDS — In the wake of a routine mission undergone by Aavaro Wilds flagship the USS Juneau, Federation Starship Arrow, once assumed lost by Starfleet officials, has docked and is undergoing repairs and refit at Starbase 821.

The ship, formerly assigned by The Trinity-Serellan Defence Fleet, was discovered without power, without a crew, and listing though the sector; light-years away from where it was last assigned.

Investigating a rogue celestial body, the Juneau discovered the odd relic and soon diverted a team to look into the vessel. But the detachment, led by Commander Randal Shayne and Lieutenant Commander Quentin Collins, found much more than just a derelict starship once they arrived.
Stymied by boarders from hostile Wilds faction The People, booby-traps, and a fierce dampening field forced the team to take back the ship deck-by-deck, with one team attempting to reclaim Main Engineering and the other tasked with recovering the Bridge.

After a few small skirmishes, however, they retook the ship and restored power to escort the ship back to Federation space and understand its mysterious condition. Although the problems didn’t stop there, as equipment failures, electrical fires, a biomechanical swarm of insects, and errant warp factor spikes caused the ship to speed up and decelerate, seemingly at random.

After the fraught journey, Starbase 821 recorded the ship docking, allowing its new crew — one supplemented by fresh Academy graduates and support staff/transfers from the Juneau — a brief respite as Starfleet Command determine the Arrow’s future.

“The situation is… complex, to say the least.” says a senior Starbase 821 official, assigned to the ship and crew debriefing. “Here we have a starship, a valiantly decorated warship, I may add. Assumed lost for decades, now returned to the fold, sans crew and filled with many traps? To say it was a mystery would be a disservice to the word.”

Starfleet Command and Starbase 821 Command Staff declined to comment on the Arrow’s future and status as an active vessel. They did, however, commend the new crew for their recovery efforts and thorough reports on the matter. In a brief, oddly terse press release provided to Associated Press and Starbase 821 personnel, 821 Command thanked the Arrow staff for their efforts and stated that discussions were ongoing as to the ship’s future.

More on this story as it develops.


Written by Quentin Collins

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