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Kesprytt III Denied Federation Membership for Second Time 

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KESPRYTT III — Following an inability to reach a cohesive stance regarding planetary unity, the mutually hostile nation-states on Kesprytt III have been denied entrance into the Federation for the second time.

A month of tough negotiation yielded little progress, and a breakdown in talks accompanied by threats of military action from the Kes, the larger nation-state, towards the Prytt. 

“If civil war is our future, then we will fight the Prytt until none of them remains. We have control of seventy-five per cent of the planet,” Lauric, a Kes government official said when questioned about this most recent rejection.

In 2370, the Kes had applied for associate membership to the Federation — an unusual request, but one that reflected Kesprytt III’s non-aligned status. However, due to their long-standing rivalry with the Prytt, a nation-state controlling a quarter of the planet, entrance is denied even in this modified form. Records show the shared xenophobia between the two governing entities was highly influential in this decision. 

This most recent attempt brought forward approximately two months ago, is the second rejection the Kes have suffered and may have more long-lasting consequences as a result. 

“We know what the Kes are planning — our telepathic technology can remove any pretence of deceit.” Vorien, a member of the Prytt security council exclaimed. “I heard them trying to start some kind of violent behaviour towards us! Will anyone come to help us?”

The growing political and sociological divides between these two nations, fueled by a warlike paranoia and a discriminatory attitude, have been festering for over a century. When asked about the possibility of assistance from Starfleet, representatives declined to comment.

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