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Star Trek: Prodigy


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Prepare the younguns:


Another animated series for Star Trek is on its way, due 2021.

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Alright everybody, crack out your magnifying glasses and ILI pages. Time for the annual game of "Name the new Star Trek shows' alien races".

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33 minutes ago, Jo Marshall said:

Exocomp, Tellarite, Kazleti, Err#1, Err#2, Brikar?

And Bob the Blop.

BTW i need Err as a sb118 canon specie for REASONS

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So I started watching this the other day and it seems pretty fun to me.  One thing I did like was in the 2nd episode the basically 3D print a shuttlecraft.  This would be a great way to save on space and to make sure you can replace shuttlecraft that are lost.  I'm wondering if any vessels in the SB118 fleet are equipped with this system.

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I finally have Paramount+ and I've just finished episode 2. Loving it so far! They do a spectacular job of honouring Trek while still keeping it quirky and interesting and new. Absolutely love the characters and of course, my favourite ever, Janeway!

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