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Poll of the Week: Best Family-Oriented Episode

Jona ch'Ranni

Poll of the Week: Best Family-Oriented Episode  

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  1. 1. What is the most endearing episode that highlights the family dynamic in Star Trek?

    • "Journey to Babel" (TOS)
    • "Family" (TNG)
    • "The Inner Light" (TNG)
    • "The Visitor" (DS9)
    • Something else (Tell us more!)

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Family is often at the root of why our favorite characters are the way they are. The formative years can shape who a person grows up to be and the personality they exhibit. Interactions with parents, children and siblings tell us more about a person than seeing them fire phasers or save the day. It's no wonder that some of the best storytelling we have in the Trek-verse involves the families of the main characters. The tiny glimpses we get behind the veneer to peek at what makes them tick enliven these personas even more. Who can forget the first glimpse of tiny Alexander as he stands facing his towering father Worf? This week we ask you to tell us your favorite Star Trek episode that features a family-themed story line. Perhaps it's the first view we get of Spock's parents in "Journey to Babel"? This episode goes a long way in making the Vulcan seem less alien and more relatable. Maybe your favorite episode is "Family" (TNG) where we get a picture of Picard with his brother on the family vineyard as he recuperates from the Borg assimilation and the visit of Worf's adoptive parents to the Enterprise. Does the best family story involve the long-dead family that Picard experiences within his mind in "The Inner Light" (TNG) when under the influence of an alien probe? Or it might be the Hugo-nominated episode "The Visitor" (DN9) where we find an aging Jake Sisko recounting the struggle of losing his father and then paying the ultimate sacrifice to save him. What is the best family episode in your opinion and why?

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VOY's Lineage. I feel like it's constantly overlooked. Yes, it lacks (quite deliberately) 'heart-warming' moments, but it's an important discussion about acceptance in our (and Trek's) society today.

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