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JP: Lt. Cmdr. Geoffrey Teller & Lt. Cmdr. Addison MacKenzie - Primum Non Nocere

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It is always extremely difficult to introduce or let out a character in the very middle of a mission, even more so when a good part of the mission premise is a race against time in which the life of the whole crew relies on working together.

Just for that reason, how this SIM solves that conundrum, is worth to be in appreciations, since it does it in an extremely intelligent and elegant manner, becoming a wonderful prelude for the next part of the mission. If we add to that the emotional significance of the scene and how much in character both officers are, conveying the gravity of the situation and the bonds that link them, what we have is a treasure.

Thank you very much for this exhibition of good work and great writing @Geoffrey Teller and @Addison MacKenzie

(and, again, you'll be DEEPLY missed in the Thor, BOSS!)



((Captain’s Ready Room, USS Thor - T-Minus Eight Hours, Fifty Minutes))


The short time between his summon and Doctor MacKenzie’s arrival had passed in an instant for Teller, deeply absorbed in a complex wall of numbers the computer was attempting to berate him with.  Geoff was no scientist or subspace field theorist, nor did he speak fluent math, but his guttural translation of the display said “this plan is insane and you’re insane for even considering it, but the numbers begrudgingly admit there’s a vanishingly teensy chance it could work.”  


As the doors to the ready room slid open, Geoff realized it would have to be enough.  Enough to risk the lives of more crew members.  Enough to risk a dear friend.  “Sometimes,” an Admiral had once famously said, “you just have to roll the hard six.”


Teller:  Doctor….Addison.  Please sit.  


She took a seat and passed the PADD over to Teller.


MacKenzie:  The latest.


Teller:  First, give me an update on our people.  All our people.  


MacKenzie:  Eleven dead, both the primary and secondary medical facilities are nearly filled with critical injuries. Down to One-hundred and eight unaccounted for.


Geoff sighed, the dull throbbing returning behind his eyes.  


oO No More. Oo


Teller:  Addy...I need to ask you something.  It’s not something I want to order you to do - you must understand that you are free to refuse this request and I’ll pursue it with another member of the command team.  I’m asking you because I think you’re the best person to do the job.  


MacKenzie: ::raising her palms:: Lay it on me.


Teller:  I need you to leave.


She stuck out her tongue and started to rise from her chair.


Teller:  Very funny.  Not the room.  The Thor.  I want you to lead an evacuation effort of our most critically wounded, followed by as many of the children and non-comms as you can squeeze into the runabouts and shuttles.  


MacKenzie:  ...an evacuation. Of that many people?! 


Teller:  Oh, it gets better.  ::Geoff rotated the display of the desk terminal, displaying a graphic of the ship in QSD overlaid on a map of the Federation::  Here’s the Thor, and here’s our course ahead.  In less than an hour, we’re going to cross within a few light years of the Bajoran system.  Runabouts will be able to get you there in a few hours. There’s a major starbase and significant planetside medical resources.  There’s also a lot of traffic in and out of that system, so odds are you’ll be noticed before you even get all the way there.  


She took a slow, deep breath in and exhaled.


MacKenzie:  So, how does one exit a slipstream…?


Teller:  Right, how.  I dug into the archives and apparently the first ship to test a QSD deployed a runabout to go ahead of it as a pilot boat - pretty clever idea originally and we’re going to turn it on its head.  We’ll launch our warp capable small craft in our wake and introduce just enough of a phase variance to let you transition back to normal space.  I won’t lie to you - it’s not going to be a gentle ride.  


Addison thought about the ride back from the surface of Vel Maijan.


MacKenzie:  And what about the rest of you?


Teller:  I intend to stay behind till we work this little situation out, of course.  Don’t you worry, soon as we jettison the junk we’ll make a big u turn and head for Bajor.  With any luck we might just beat you there.  Besides, I need to explain to Captain Kells why his ship has a big hole in it.  


Geoff tried to deliver the last with some false bravado, but tasted the lie of it on his tongue.  


Addison tried to withhold the urge to grimace, then offered the subtlest of smirks.


MacKenzie:  I’m sure you will have a lot of explaining to do.


Teller:  There’s another reason I want it to be you, Addison. ::Geoff turned the display off and leaned forward, locking eyes::  You saw first hand what this weapon did to us.  To our people.  You have to alert Starfleet Command.  You have to let them know what happened here.  I need someone to speak for all the people who can’t anymore...and I can’t think of anyone better suited.  


Addison’s eyebrows raised.


MacKenzie: At the very least, maybe we can get you some help…




((Shuttlebay Observation Lounge, Deck 3, USS Thor - T-Minus six hours, fifty seven minutes))


From his position overlooking the rear of the ship, it was easy to forget how badly damaged they were.  To the casual eye, all would appear well - just the normal view of a ship gliding through the impossible space of slipstream.  To Geoff, it had become a hateful place, one of unseen dangers and dead friends.  


Teller:  =/\= Teller to MacKenzie - all buttoned up down there? =/\=


MacKenzie:  =/\= Ready to go, Commander. =/\=


Teller:  =/\= What was the final count? =/\=  


MacKenzie: =/\= We’ve got just under three hundred, Commander. You’ve got the bare minimum left. =/\= 


Teller:  =/\= Doctor, I want you to know I’ve transferred a copy of the ship's logs and sensor readings to your runabout.  There’s also a letter in there.  If...if things don’t work out, can you see that it finds its way to my sister?  =/\=


There was a very pregnant pause where, for the first time in a long time, Addison felt it difficult to take a breath.


MacKenzie:  =/\= I can do that, Commander. =/\=


Teller:  =/\= Thank you, Addison.  For everything. May the road rise to meet you, my friend. =/\=


Addison smiled at the words they shared with Roshanara Rahman when they left the Veritas, now being bestowed on her by her friend as she left the Thor... She thought about those she was leaving behind, and wondering when she might see them all again.


MacKenzie:  =/\= Live long, and prosper, Geoffrey John. =/\=


Geoff watched as the succession of runabouts and shuttlecraft silently took flight, coming into a tight formation behind the ship.  On his signal, the output of their QSD emitters was subtly altered, generating a minute instability in their wake.  Geoff watched as, one by one, the small vessels vanished.  He might never know if they survived the transition back to real space, or the journey to get help - but he believed in his friend.  He knew if there was anyone alive who could bring the wounded to the care they needed, it was Doctor Addison MacKenzie.  


With a final look out the viewport, Geoff turned on his heel and headed back towards the bridge.  By the time he stepped off the turbolift, his tears had dried.  






Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie, M.D., Ph.D., FASFS

Chief Medical Officer

USS Thor





Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Teller

Executive Officer

USS Thor - NCC 82607

Fleet Captain A. Kells, Commanding



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