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Narendra Faces Off Against Cult, Leaving Molor Base In Shambles

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AZURE NEBULA, VANKOTH II — USS Narendra deals a crippling blow to the Cult of Molor, both followers and the base are destroyed along with their most potent weapon.

The arrival of the USS Narendra (NCC-26595) in the Azure Nebula, disrupted the Cult of Molor’s plans to lay to waste several Klingon and Federation worlds. Hidden within the nebula, Fleet Captain Taybrim sent away teams to Vankoth II undetected, while he settled in with the remaining members of his senior staff and prepared for a battle he felt they would have on their hands.

Lieutenant Commander German Galven and his team were the first drops.; instantly met with resistance and hardships, as well as an unexpected ally from within — a Klingon cult member named Asoq. Galven checked if the man was dead before entering the production facility of the base, receiving a shot damaging him severely and slowed the team’s progress. Ensigns Kudon and Taelon moved forward to gain much-needed ground to install the “Breathers” — a robot breather to filter and render the Death Fog useless. Doctor Sheila Bailey remained behind to help.

Lieutenant Commanders Nijil and Solaris McLaren entered the base from a mostly abandoned cargo bay. At a crossroad section, a large group of Klingons approached, and when the door in front of them opened, they were met by a pair of very large Klingons. With little choice and fast thinking, the team overpowered the two Klingons and took refuge in a communications room. They split into two smaller teams to keep their detection to a low and cover more ground, to find the captured crew as quickly as possible. McLaren and Marine Captain Luthas took one way and Nijil, Ensign Charlotte DeBarres, and Lieutenant Karen Stendhal took another.

McLaren and Luthas had a stroke of good luck, finding a very agitated but very alive Captain Lofsha, their target captain. While the other team had all the bad luck, getting separated even more. Stendhal slipped past a mad scientist with a raygun and her band of angry-at-everyone cultists. But was instead faced with a very young girl with conflicting feelings about what they were doing at the base.

Nijil and DeBarres ran into one group after another of vicious cult members. They took a bloodied beating while McLaren and her ever-growing team tried to take back the captured Klingon ship and face off against the base’s leader, Commander Gach’ah, and the most insane scientist who created ray guns and the DeathFog itself.

Ensigns Kudon and Taelon instituted the programs needed into the base’s main system to begin their work against the Death Fog and ensure nothing there could get out or be used. However, issues persisted.

“=/\= Reactor containment failure. Reactor will reach critical point in 5-1̶̢̈́-̶̺̄̑3-̸̟͍̾12̸̨̂2̷͍̕-mi-d2̷̞̩̌67. All personnel evacuate. All personnel evacuate. =/\=”
Came the warning from the base computer, threatening all inside it with imminent destruction.

The Narendra faced off against three cult vessels under the Azure Nebula’s cover. One of the vessels was under the command of Commander Janul (formerly of the Federation), who has joined the Cult of Molor. On the planet, the crew raced to escape the devastating explosion.


Written by Rustyy Hael

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