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Welcome to the 2024 Awards Ceremony!


Welcome to the 2024 Awards Ceremony!

  • July 1st, Monday: PRESENTATION: Introduction, General Awards
  • July 2nd, Tuesday: PRESENTATION: Special and Length of Service Awards
  • July 3rd, Wednesday: PRESENTATION: Staff Awards
  • July 4th, Thursday: PRESENTATION: Duty Post Awards
  • July 5th, Friday: Finale/Acknowledgments
  • Fashion Red Alert! Red Carpet Thread
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Cmdr. Shayne: Engine Breaking A Starship

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There was so much to do, so much to work around. But first among these critical issues was to bring the ship under control. Shayne was… unusual in that way. For someone that didn’t believe in, care for, or necessarily respect the concept of deities and otherworldly beings, he anthropomorphized his ships to an unhealthy degree. Each had its own personality. Gemini, his first assignment, had been unwaveringly plucky. Apollo , an Odyssey class gargantuan, had lumbered nobly. Darwin had been a tank, not the prettiest craft in the world, but ready for a fight. On and on, like ended romances, until he’d come to Arrow . He didn’t know her yet, but he saw her abuse, saw her mistrust, saw her misery. She’d need to be wrangled, brought to heel, and then there could be progress. 

Nicely framed, @Randal Shayne. Gentle hand as you tame that unruly yet majestic beast. 

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