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Ship Closeup: USS Juneau

StarBase 118 Staff

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“Toow-u latseen khaa jeexh attee.”

Juneau motto translated from Tlingit language it means “It gives strength to the Spirit.” The Tlingit language is spoken by the indigenous Tlingit who resided along the coastline from the Pacific Northwest to Alaska.

The USS Juneau (NX-99801) launched stardate 239705 (May 2020) under the command of Captain Oddas Aria. The ship was designed with experimental warp technology. It is the first to utilize this advanced warp propulsion system. Fittingly, Captain Oddas co-developed a prototype Warp XV engine that eventually became known as the Oddas-Rahman Next Generation Warp Propulsion Assembly, the precursor to the now OR-400MV. The Juneau is the first non-test ship to hold the OR-400MV and it is still working out some of the kinks. She is a fast ship with a cruising speed of warp 12 with a maximum sustainable cruising speed of warp 14 and a maximum warp speed of 15.

When contacted for this article, Captain Oddas Aria noted the ship was “designed to be used as a test bed. It’s the result of really a multi-year effort from a lot of talented people in the fleet and I’m just beyond glad that we get to be the ones who are trusted with its continued success.”

With a significant complement spanning across 26 decks, the ship has adapted to meet the working and personal lives of officers, crew, and civilians. Commander Shayne noted that “there’s so much variety, so much opportunity, and yet so much responsibility. On a ship with seven hundred people at any given time, managing crew rosters and duty obligations can be a serious challenge. At the same time, though, there is so much we can explore once those smaller matters are handled.”

Many systems beyond the experimental warp propulsion have seen significant upgrades. Chief Intelligence Officer Commander Ash MacKenna has been able to customize the Intelligence suite and as she says, “make it as nifty and spooky as I please.” In addition, two sickbays offer state of the art medical technology to respond to both expected and unexpected emergencies.

Regarding the upgrades, Executive Officer Commander Shayne is quick to point out that “our sensors are among the finest in the fleet, our engines can get us into nooks and crannies that haven’t even been explored by probes, but the most important aspect of our vessel is the crew.”

The diversity of staff is a testament to the diversity of the Federation. Senior crew species include Bajoran, Human, Betazoid, Trill, Kerelian, Argelian, Magna Roman, Ullian, Fabrini, Rodulan, Vulcan, and Caitain. The Juneau seizes the advantage of the strengths and abilities of the diversity of the crew and leverages them to advantage.

The Juneau currently finds itself assigned to explore the Aavaros Wilds, an area of space annexed by the Cardassian Union. To ensure stability in the region as the Cardassians vacate, the Federation provides exploration and other local services. The USS Eagle began initial patrols and discovered a rogue Gul fighting to restore the former Cardassian military state and a race known as The People who practice a severe form of eugenics.

The Chief Science and Second Officer, Lieutenant Commander Quentin Collins III added that “The Wilds always seem to live up its name, but I think the strengthened position of the Juneau will allow us a bit more freedom among the various factions and interests. Though we have no wish to be seen as a sort of occupying flagship to the region, I think the presence of the Juneau will facilitate some of the more aggressive and expansion minded parties to look at us a bit more seriously in the coming months.”

Reports from the field note a new batch of Academy graduates recently joined the Juneau in her maiden voyage to explore a comet emitting Eichner radiation. This mission tested the newly formed crew who have little experience working together. Nearly half of the crew made their way to the USS Arrow, found abandoned and salvageable, ready for a new complement to take command.

Learn more about the Juneau on the wiki.

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